CRB has become a common term in the financial sector, especially when taking a loan. This is because it is a key determinant of how much you qualify. Also known as the Credit Reference Bureau, it is the institution mandated to compile and share your credit information in Kenya.

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This happens through a score known as a credit score. As long as you have a loan facility in the country, there is a high chance this information is with credit reference bureaus. Hence, this article will explain how to check your CRB Status.

If you are a good borrower, you do not need to worry about the CRB because your score is okay.  Being good means, paying loans on time and fully. However, you should worry if you are a frequent defaulter. So important is the CRB score that almost all financial institutions use it to determine your borrowing ability.

There are 3 licensed credit reference bureaus in the country. These include;

Metropol is the largest of them all. Hence, lets us look at the process of how to check your CRB status from Metropol. You can opt to either check it online or use the USSD code. All these approaches give the same result. It all depends on your convenience.

How to check your CRB status

Step 1: Go to lipa na M-pesa and the choose paybill

Step 2: Pay 50 shillings to paybill number 220388. Use your ID number as the account number.

Step 3: Dial the USSD code *433#

Step 4: Use the details sent after payment to access your CRB Status. This information is normally shared using SMS.

While interpreting the CRB details, the higher the score, the better you are. Some of the other information in your status is the number and value of loans you have with the Kenyan institutions.

These include institutions such as microfinance, banks, and mobile lending startups.

Some of the other information you can get from the CRB include your credit report and the CRB clearance certificate. However, they do come at an extra cost.


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