Finding locations has become easier with the use of google maps. Gone are the days when finding a location was done through word of mouth or landmarks. Today, you can just visit your online google maps and share pin location with someone else.

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This makes it easier to locate a person or a place such as restaurants or buildings. The common word for this process is called sending a pin location. Hence, let’s look at how to share pin location in Kenya.

Step 1: Log in to google maps and select the location you want to share. If you don’t know your location, you can use the auto search option allowing the maps to pinpoint your location. You can do this across various devices such as a smartphone, personal computer, or tablet.

Step 2: Click on the drop-down pin to confirm the location details. The place name will populate at the bottom of your map.

Step 3: Select the share menu on the map to send the pin location. This enables you to share the pin location across various platforms such as messaging apps.

Step 4: Once the receiver gets the pin location, they can use it to physically trace the location.

From these steps, the process of how to share pin location in Kenya is simple.

Benefits of sharing pin location

It is efficient- sending a pin location makes it easier and more efficient to trace the location as opposed to the traditional process that involves using word of mouth in giving directions.

It is faster– you only need to select your location and share them. The receiver gets the details faster through the various sharing channels.

It is affordable- there are no extra costs involved when sending a pin location both on the sender and receiver.


Sending pin locations is currently the easiest way to find places and landmarks. I hope the process is now clear.


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