As the World kicks off in Qatar, fans are eagerly waiting and wishing for their teams to win. Below are the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 match fixtures.

Are You Ready for the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022?

Sunday 20th November

Qatar VS Ecuador 1600 hrs

Monday 21st November

England VS Iran 1300 hrs

Senegal VS Netherlands 1600 hrs

United States of America VS Wales 1900hrs

Tuesday 22nd November

Argentina VS Saudi Arabia 1000 hrs

Denmark VS Tunisia 1300 hrs

Mexico VS Poland 1600 hrs

France VS Australia 1900 hrs

Wednesday 23rd November

Morocco VS Croatia 1000 hrs

Germany VS Japan 1300 hrs

Spain VS Costa Rica 1600 hrs

Belgium VS Canada 1900 hrs

Thursday 24th November

Switzerland VS Cameroon 1000 hrs

Uruguay VS Korea Republic 1300 hrs

Portugal VS Ghana 1600 hrs

Brazil VS Serbia 1900 hrs

Friday 25th November

Wales VS Iran 1000 hrs

Qatar VS Senegal 1300 hrs

Netherlands VS Ecuador 1600 hrs

England VS United States of America 1900 hrs

Saturday 26th November

Tunisia VS Australia 1000hrs

Poland VS Saudi Arabia 1300hrs

France VS Denmark 1600hrs

Argentina VS Mexico 1900hrs

Sunday 27th November

Japan VS Costa Rica 1000 hrs

Belgium VS Morocco 1300 hrs

Croatia VS Canada 1600 hrs

Spain VS Germany 1900 hrs

Monday 28th November

Cameroon VS Serbia 1000 hrs

Korea Republic VS Ghana 1300 hrs

Brazil VS Switzerland 1600 hrs

Portugal VS Uruguay 1900 hrs

Tuesday 29th November

Ecuador VS Senegal 1500 hrs

Netherlands VS Qatar 1500 hrs

Iran VS United States of America 1900 hrs

Wales VS England 1900 hrs

Wednesday 30th November

Australia VS Denmark 1500 hrs

Tunisia VS France 1500 hrs

Poland VS Argentina 1900 hrs

Saudi Arabia VS Mexico 1900 hrs

Thursday 1st December

Canada VS Morocco 1500hrs

Croatia VS Belgium 1500hrs

Costa Rica VS Germany 1900hrs

Japan VS Spain 1900hrs

Friday 2nd December

Ghana VS Uruguay 1500hrs

Korea Republic VS Portugal 1500hrs

Cameroon VS Brazil 1900hrs

Serbia VS Switzerland 1900hrs

Saturday 3rd December

Group A Winner VS Group B Second Place 1500 hrs

Group C Winner VS Group D Second Place 1900 hrs

Sunday 4th December

Group D Winner VS Group C Second Place 1500 hrs

Group B Winner VS Group A Second Place 1900 hrs

Monday 5th December

Group E Winner VS Group F Second Place  1500 hrs

Group G Winner VS Group H Second Place 1900 hrs

Tuesday 6th December

Group F Winner VS  Group E Second Place  1500 hrs

Group H Winner VS  Group G Second Place 1900 hrs

Friday 9th December

Round of sixteen 5 Winner VS Round of sixteen 6 Winner  1500 hrs

Round of sixteen 1 Winner VS Round of sixteen 2 Winner  1900 hrs

Saturday 10th December

Round of sixteen 7 Winner VS Round of sixteen 8 Winner  1500hrs

Round of sixteen 3 Winner VS Round of sixteen 4 Winner  1900hrs

Tuesday 13th December

Quarter-Final 1 Winner VS Quarter-Final 2 Winner  1900 hrs

Wednesday 14th December

Quarter-Final 3 Winner VS Quarter-Final 4 Winner  1900 hrs

Saturday 17th December

Semi-Final 1 Loser VS Semi-Final 2 Loser  1500 hrs

Sunday 18th December

Semi-Final 1 Winner VS Semi-Final 2 Winner 1500 hrs


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