With the first junior secondary class set to join this year, the government has set grade 7 guidelines for junior secondary under CBC. The competency-based curriculum (CBC) has been going on since its inception in 2017.

What is the CBC curriculum?

CBC curriculum was introduced in 2017 by the government as a replacement for the existing 8-4-4 system. This change was necessitated by criticism of the 8-4-4 for being outdated and Non-practical.

To address these challenges, the government came up with a revised curriculum known as 2-6-3-3-3 competency-based. This system targets to bring relevance and practicality to the education system in the country.

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Since its introduction, the curriculum has been undergoing in primary schools with the first grade 6 class sitting for their exams in 2022. This is the class that is expected to join the junior secondary school this year.

As the first class, there has been a lot of confusion on how the roll out will happen across all the stakeholders.

However, the government has recently made some announcements on the implementation strategy for junior secondary classes helping to clear the confusion that has been there.

Grade 7 guidelines for junior secondary

Some of the guidelines include

·    The junior secondary will be hosted in primary schools

This was one of the first guidelines to be set that junior secondary schools will be hosted in primary schools. It came as a deviation from the previous directive to have it sit in secondary schools.

Hence, grade 7 students will continue in their existing primary schools. some of the reasons for this directive are that there are already existing classes and infrastructure in the current primary schools making it easier and cheaper to implement.

·    Uniform

The issue of uniforms has also been persistent. However, the government has directed that the grade 7 students will have a different uniform from that of the primary students.

The Uniform type will be determined by the school’s board of management in consultation with the parents.

·    School fees

In line with the government agenda of free education. Learners in day schools will not pay fees as the government will be meeting the costs. To achieve this, the government has set aside 15,000 shillings capitation for every student in grade 7.

However, this is different from the students in boarding schools that have to cater for their accommodation and other maintenance costs.

The government has also set the reporting date for the grade 7 students as the 30th of January 2023.


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