Do you have 100,000 Kenyan shillings and wondering whether it is adequate to start business in Kenya? Then, this article is for you giving the secret on top 10 Businesses You Can Start With 100000 Shillings in Kenya

However, this is further from the truth. It is possible to start with a small capital before expanding later. Making your money work for you is the best thing that you could ever do.

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Since the cost of living in Kenya is not very high, you can start a very profitable business with 100,000 Shillings.
Starting your own business not only helps you become your boss but also helps in growing your income levels.
Here are some of the businesses you can start in Kenya with only 100,000 shillings.

1. Photography and Video Services

Are you one of those people who are passionate about taking photos and videos? This might just turn out to be the ideal business for you. Most of the target market will be people hosting events like birthday parties, ruracio ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. Most people nowadays want to have their events documented either in form of photos or videos.

This aspect makes it beneficial to people who know how to operate drones. For you to start such a business, you will require to purchase a high-end camera, to capture those precious memories. A camera can be quite expensive depending on the model you choose to buy. You might also consider buying a camera stand which is especially helpful when taking videos.

In case you choose to offer drone services, ensure you get the required KAA certification, and be aware of the restrictions involved in drone flying. Flying a drone in some residential areas could get you arrested since there are laws restricting drones from some areas.

This business model will require you to advertise on various social media platforms such as Instagram. Upon gaining adequate clients, the average price for offering drone services is 15,000 shillings per event. This is sustainable if you can get at least one event per week in the initial days.

2. Car Wash

Kenyans are constantly buying cars, and those vehicles always need to get cleaned. A typical car wash session normally goes for an average of 300 shillings depending on the location. To start a car wash business, you do not require very high-end equipment but basics such as a water pump and space.

When starting a car wash, you need a strategic location that is easily accessible and secure. The best locations are usually inside towns or along a highway. To start, you should aim to serve an average of 5-10 customers a day. By charging 300 shillings per vehicle, it is possible to make an average of 2,000 shillings daily. This translates to more than
60,000 shillings per month.

If the business expands, then it will be prudent to hire more staff to satisfy the client’s needs. This might well be the business that makes you your first million. Who knows?

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3. Bodaboda Business

Bodaboda has become the most efficient mode of transport in Kenya. This is creating opportunities in this sector for riders. It also joins the list of top 10 Businesses You Can Start With 100000 Shillings in Kenya

You can also start it anywhere in the country as long the area has inadequate means of transport. Bodabodas is a very reliable means of transport in Kenya since they can ply routes that pose impassable to vehicles. You will always find bodaboda operators located at strategic points like junctions, near bus stops, and main stages.

Most of your initial capital will go into purchasing a bodaboda. You can easily find a second-hand bodaboda from 40,000-80,000 shillings. Ensure you get the relevant certifications from the authorities before starting operations. These include license and insurance compliance. Learn more on How to start and run a Bodaboda business in Kenya.

Bodaboda’s daily income varies from 500 to 2,000 shillings per day depending on the location. Most bodaboda operators usually form a Sacco to help them with saving and investing their money. In case there is such an organization in your area, you can join as a member to enjoy the perks and benefits.

4. Kinyozi or Salon

Most Kenyans regularly visit either the Salon or Kinyozi to get their hair done. This broad market is what makes it a very lucrative business model. The type of business to start depends on your skills. However, there are numerous classes in the market that you can take to learn these skills.

For a kinyozi, the majority of your target market will be men. To start a Kinyozi, you require some key items such as;

  • Shaving kiosk
  • barber chair
  • shaving machine

A barber’s chair will cost you a minimum of about 15,000 shillings depending on the quality of the chair while a shaving machine costs about 4,000 shillings.

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For a salon, your main equipment is a blow-dryer and a salon dryer. A blow-dryer goes for about 2,500 shillings, while a dryer costs about 5,000 shillings. For both of these shops, you need to rent out a room and pay for the utilities such as water and power. An easily accessible yet strategic location for a salon or kinyozi will help increase your earnings.

The provision of quality services is the secret to success in such a business. Hence, this should be your priority.
Over time, you will create a pool of customers that will be key in the business growth process. Also, remember to comply with the set regulation such as having all the necessary permits to avoid facing legal challenges. Some of these include the permit and fire compliance certificate.

5. Soap Making

Most Kenyans use soap in their household regularly. Some of these uses include bathing, laundry purpose, or cleaning utensils. Soap is a must-have in every Kenyan home. Hence, it also joins our list of top 10 Businesses You Can Start With 100000 Shillings in Kenya.

Soap making is not a very complex procedure as long as you have the interest. To start this business, you need some bit of training to understand it. The training should take you about a month or so to complete.

You will also need to identify the type of soap you are targeting to make. Is it liquid soap or bar? Starting small is always the rule of the game. It helps you target a specific group and once your sales start to increase, you can then diversify your products.

There is currently a growing demand for niche soaps such as beauty soaps in Kenya. These are soaps that have a beneficial aspect and are made from natural products. To market your soap business, you need to create social media accounts for your business. some of these include both Instagram and Facebook.

In case you choose to produce liquid soap, ideal target markets are institutions like schools. Approach the said institution near you and ask to deliver your soap to them at a fee.

6. Bakery

This is the perfect idea for someone passionate about baking. Pastries are some of the most sought-after goodies in coffee shops and milk bars.

In case you do not know how to bake, you can take a course that offers these lessons at a cost. A very important aspect of a bakery is the business location. Your bakery needs to be in a strategic location, preferably in an area with high human traffic.

For you to run a bakery, you need some licenses such as a single business permit, a food handler’s certificate, and a fire safety certificate from the local authority. social media and referrals are some of the best marketing channels for your business.

Specializing in a specific baking niche will help you stand out from your competitors. Ensure you deliver standard goods to maintain consistency and grow your customer base. You can also come up with unique pastries to attract more customers.

The most important piece of equipment for a bakery is an oven which goes for about 25,000 shillings.

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7. Farming

Agriculture is among the biggest economic industries in the country. This means there are numerous opportunities for farmers who can take advantage of the market.

Some of the business areas you can target are animal farming, fish farming, and crop farming. However, you need adequate market research before making the final decision.

This will require you to factor in elements such as production costs, market availability, and weather requirements.

  • Crop Farming

Different crops require different climates to grow and thrive. This business is ideal for someone with a green thumb. When it comes to crop farming, there are food crops, cash crops, and fruits. Cash crops take time before you can get a return on your investment since they take time before being market-ready. Some key examples include tea, coffee, pyrethrum, and flowers.

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They also require a lot of care and money to maintain during the growth process. Most food crops are usually seasonal, which makes them the ideal crops to start with. Food crops include maize, beans, tomatoes, and potatoes. You need a good understanding of the planting the season for the different crops.

You also need to research the types of insecticides and fertilizers to use and the appropriate time to apply them. Consult with an expert in the agriculture field in case you require further guidance. Networking is key for this business model.

You can also choose to venture into fruit farming. Growing exotic fruits can be beneficial since they sell at a higher price in the market. However, consult with an expert to understand the initial capital required for growing a specific fruit.

  • Poultry Farming

Keeping domesticated birds like chickens is very easy to start with less than 100,000 shillings in Kenya. You only require a shelter to house the birds and food for their consumption Chicken is the most commonly kept bird in Kenya and there is always a ready market for such as restaurants. They are also very marketable during the festive season.

Factors to Consider Before Getting into Chicken Farming

An upside to keeping chicken is that you can also benefit from selling eggs with a tray currently retailing for an average of 300 shillings.

8.Fish Farming

Fish farming is also a lucrative venture that you could consider. Some of the key requirements are a piece of land to build a fish pond, fish feed, and a fence to prevent animals and birds from feeding on your fish.

Upon maturity, you can make an average of 50,000 thousand shillings per month from fish farming in Kenya. For all the above farming projects, the main requirement is a piece of land.

How to Start Fish Farming in Kenya

In case you have an available piece of land, the startup costs will be less in comparison to someone who has to purchase or lease. If you don’t own one, leasing is the most realistic approach due to the budget constraint of
100,000 thousand shillings.

9.Cyber Café

A cyber café is also known as an internet café. You can find these types of businesses in all the towns in Kenya. The main services you can get at a cybercafé include; access to the internet, access to computers, printing, and photocopying services.

The main requirement when starting a cyber café is a computer, Wi-Fi or internet services, and a printer. Cybercafes charges users for every minute they use a computer.


Butcheries are found mostly in shopping centers and towns in Kenya. They sell different types of meat depending on the market. Some of the common meat is beef, pork, and goat meat.

To operate a butchery in Kenya, you need some permits such as a single business permit and a food handler’s certificate, issued by the local authorities.

To start a butchery, you need a reliable meat supplier, a weighing scale, and meat cutting equipment. You will also need to rent out a space to operate the said butchery. Some factors such as proximity to a slaughterhouse will reduce the transportation cost of the meat to the business.

Investing in a refrigerator is also beneficial to avoid wastage due to the lack of meat buyers. Just like every other business, it takes time to have adequate customers before the business can get to its optimal profitability.

11.Movie Shop

Movie shops are a hit, especially with the millennials. Starting a movie shop in Kenya is very easy. You only need to rent out a room in a strategic location and buy the relevant equipment. For the equipment, you require a computer to store your movies, an internet connection, and a supply of compact disks.

You also need an understanding of the market for proper customer guidance. Although it is competitive, you can carve out your niche by offering the best services. The startup capital for a movie should comfortably fit within the 100,000 shillings budget.

Conclusion on top 10 Businesses You Can Start With 100000 Shillings in Kenya

For all the top 10 Businesses You Can Start With 100000 Shillings in Kenya, you need to get a permit to commercialize your business. 100,000 shillings is adequate to start business in Kenya.


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