We are living at a time when online space is becoming more commercialized. This has resulted in the creation of numerous opportunities to make money online. Hence, this piece will focus on the top 20 ways how to make money online in Kenya.

Currently, thousands of Kenyans are making money online. However, not everyone understands the opportunities available in this space.

To make money online, there are some key requirements that you need. These include;

  • Internet access
  • Computer/smartphone
  • Skills

The first two are common requirements but skills will be dependent on the individual.

Benefits of making money online

There are several benefits of making money online. Some of these include;

  • Little or no tax– most of the online income is not taxed in Kenya enabling you to retain all the income.
  • Flexibility – You don’t need to have a specific office to make money online. This is because as long as you have access to the internet, you can work from anywhere.
  • Big market – Online space is global allowing you to access customers from all over the world. In return, this results in more income.

Top 20 Ways How to Make Money Online in Kenya

Now that you understand the benefits of making money online, let us look at the how.

1.      Academic Writing

This is among if not the most common way Kenyans use to make money online. The reason for this is a huge amount of academic writing jobs available together with ease of starting.

To start academic writing, you need to register with one of the many available academic writing sites available in Kenya.

However, you should only take jobs with whom you have the skills. This job makes an average of 2,000 shillings per day but could rise depending on skills and experience.

The more jobs you take successfully, the more work you receive.

2.      Blogging

Blogging is a core online job that everyone can start. Bloggers make money online by commercializing their content. Some of the ways to do this include running AdSense, direct marketing, and affiliate marketing.

A starter blog in Kenya could cost as little as free to an average of 10,000 shillings. You will need to have a domain name and web hosting services for your blog to get started.

Success in blogging is dependent on the number of visitors that visit your blog. Hence, you should focus most of your efforts to reach as many visitors as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by creating quality content that is relevant to the readers.

A blog takes an average of 6 months to 1 year before it can start making money. Hence, you need consistency and patience to make money from blogging. Here is a detailed breakdown of how to start and run a blog in Kenya.

3.      Transcribing

There are more than 15 transcribing websites that you can use to make money in Kenya. Transcribing is an online job that involves translating video/audio content into written content.

In this job, you make money for every successful task. To become a successful transcriber, you need to have good skills in listening and typing.

It is possible to make 2000 shillings per day for a starter in transcribing. With good skills and experience, transcribing could earn you at least 5,000 shillings per day.

4.      Photography

Photography is one of the top 20 ways how to make money online in Kenya. There are several online sites that you can use to list your photos for sale such as Shutterstock, Alamy, and Getty Images.

Photography is a full-time job for some people and make a good living from it. To become a successful photographer, you need to have good photography skills and equipment to do this job. One main equipment that you require is a camera and computer.

On average, a good camera could cost between 50-100K. It is also recommended to get a used one if a new one is out of reach.

5.      Taking Surveys

Do you know that you can make money online by taking surveys? This is possible by joining the various survey sites available online.

A survey is all about giving feedback about a service or product. This information helps the owners to make market decisions and by doing so, you get paid.

Some of the top survey sites that you can join in Kenya include Geopoll, Swagbucks, and survey junkie.

It is important to note that the more surveys you take successfully, the more the income and pay rate.

6.      Online Training

There is a big market for online training targeting both local and international students. The global nature of the internet has made it possible for learners and trainers to interact and connect faster and affordably.

Online training entails offering learning content through various online channels such as YouTube. However, you can join a specialized training site such as Skillshare, Udemy, and Coursera.

To succeed in this business, you need to have good skills that you can sell. It is only by satisfying your students that you can get more money.

You also should target to teach those skills that are in demand and can be taught online.

7.      Online shop

With the market moving online, it is now possible to start an online shop where you can sell your products. Online shops mimic the normal physical shops but have the potential to reach a bigger market audience.

One of the benefits of such shops is the ease of starting and affordability. It is possible to start a shop with no cost at all.

One example of shops that you can start free of charge is the Facebook marketplace. Alternatively, you can buy a domain and set up an e-commerce site.

To attract more customers to your shop, target to market it on various social media platforms and as well offer great customer service. Other after-sale services such as delivery are also recommended to get and retain more customers.

You can sell almost anything through an online shop electronics, shoes, and clothes.

8.      Influencer job

This job best suits those people with a large following on their social media platforms as entails using this following power to push products and services.

As an influencer, you will make money by selling these things to your followers. Some of the sites where most influencers include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

The more social media followers you get, the easier it is to make money through influencing.

9.      Forex Trading

Forex trading involves trading on currencies through buying and selling them. Learn more on how to start forex trading in Kenya.

Forex trading is the biggest market in the world with numerous opportunities for you to make money online. There is no limit to how much you can make in forex trading. It all depends on your skills and capital levels.

To start trading, you require an account with a forex trading broker. You also need starting capital and the necessary skills to trade in the market. Although forex trading is profitable, it is also high risk and hence requires continuous learning to achieve long-term success.

On average, it takes between 6 months and 1 year to become a profitable forex trader in this market. The good thing about this business is that you can start with as little as 5,000 shillings.

10.  Affiliate marketing

This is a form of marketing driven by growth in the online space. Affiliate marketing involves selling products and services online for a commission. This comes either as a percentage of the sales price or a fixed amount per sale.

To start affiliate marketing, you need to apply with a company offering these services. Once approved, you get an affiliate link that you use to push the products or services on various social media channels.

One of the secrets to success in this business is doing affiliate marketing for already established brands. The reason for this is it is easier to sell them. You should also negotiate for higher commissions to enable you to earn more.

11.  Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an online business selling items that you don’t have in stock. Once sold, another third party takes the process of fulfilling the order.

This middleman is in charge of sourcing and delivering the goods to the customer. Hence, this becomes a great business to start with less or no capital.

To make money in drop shipping, you have to grow your sales by ensuring your products are competitive and affordable. You can target to put your products on various social media sites and through your blog.

12.  Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant offers office administrative services without necessarily having to be physically present. This happens online and does the duties of the traditional assistant or secretary.

Some of the key roles of a virtual assistant include answering calls and emails, booking meetings and travel arrangements, social media management, and bookkeeping.

A virtual assistant is paid on an hourly basis and most work as freelancers. You can get these jobs through various freelancing sites such as Upwork and Fiverr.

13.  Freelancing

Freelancing involves taking jobs online depending on your skills. Some of these jobs include website designing, content writing, graphics designing, and software development.

These jobs are readily available on many freelancing sites. You only need to apply and submit a proposal. However, it is challenging at the start before your profile can become marketable.

In freelancing, you get paid per hour or for a job done. The more in-demand skills you have, the higher you make.

The only challenge with freelancing is that most jobs are seasonal and hence there are those days you will have to do without a job.

14.  Cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrencies are the latest financial assets in the market. They have been around for at least a decade now with Bitcoin being the most valuable and famous among them.

However, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation today that you can trade-in. Cryptocurrency is virtual money that doesn’t need third parties to work. It is created through blockchain technology and most analysts term it as the future of money.

Trading cryptocurrencies will require you to open an account with a cryptocurrency broker. A broker then enables you to buy and sell in the market. It works similarly to forex trading such that you target to buy low and sell high to make a profit.

One such example of a broker is Binance.  Here is a detailed breakdown of how to Bitcoin on Binance using M-PESA in Kenya.

The amount of money to make is dependent on your capital and skills. Hence, there is no limit. As this is still a relatively new market, there are some risks that you need to understand such as lack of proper regulations and high market volatility that could lead to losses.

15.  Creating and selling eBooks

eBooks are electronic books created and sold online. This is different from the traditional books that were bulky and physical.

The readers can access the books online through various sites that allow access to eBooks. The advantage of eBooks is they are easier to create and market.

Some of the common eBook sites that you can use include Amazon, Open Library, and Google Play books. To make more money through eBooks, you have to create high-quality books with relevant in-demand content.

16.  SEO Consulting

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This optimization helps websites to rank in online visibility. Anyone or company with a website wants it on the front page of search engines. To achieve this, it is important to ensure the website SEO is okay.

An SEO consultant helps to improve websites’ SEO levels to ensure they rank or are easily accessible. Some of the common SEO qualities include ensuring the website is well created and the content is done with the correct grammar.

As more businesses go online, so does the need for websites and in tandem need for the SEO consultant services.

17.  Offering Internet services

This is a core job that helps homes and offices to access the internet. Will the growing demand for internet in the country, offering internet services business is becoming more profitable.

Most Kenyans are seeking to access affordable and reliable internet. This is where the niche is that you can tap. Internet business requires you to invest in the right infrastructure to distribute the Internet. Customers pay monthly hence the need to have a good payment system.

The growth in this business will depend on how good you are in marketing and sales. Some of the best ways to grow your market include door-to-door marketing and posters to push your brand.

Offering full-time customer service is also key in ensuring high customer satisfaction levels.

18.  Online recruitment

Recruitment is the process that employers use to staff their businesses. Hence, to make it easier and affordable, most employers are opting to do it online.

Online recruitment is preferred as it is faster and can access a larger pool of potential candidates. As a recruiter, you will need to create a recruitment site that can be accessed by both candidates and employers.

It will also need sustained marketing before you can have an adequate number of employers using your services. Creating a database of potential candidates also makes it easier when sourcing.

You get paid for every successful recruitment that you make. Hence, the more you do it the higher you earn.

19.  Starting a podcast

A podcast can be defined as an online radio. It allows you to engage your audience and in the process market yourself.

Several available sites allow you to start a podcast such as Buzzsprout, Blubrry, and Simplecast.

To start a podcast, you need to invest in recording instruments such as microphones and video recorders. This will ensure your content is audible and visible.

You also need to produce quality content that can attract more listeners. The more listeners you get, the higher the chances of making money. Some of the ways to make money podcasting include doing direct marketing or getting sponsorships.

20.  Vlogging

Vlogging is the act of creating video content. Vlogging aims to create content that will attract viewers. Most vloggers use social media sites to push their content. These include TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

To produce good video content, you have to invest in high-quality video recording tools such as cameras and lighting.

Once there is a high number of viewers, you become eligible to monetize your content on platforms such as YouTube. Other ways to make money through vlogging include affiliate marketing and direct sponsorship.

Below is a recap of the Top 20 ways how to make money online in Kenya.

  1. Academic writing
  2. Blogging
  3. Transcribing
  4. Photography
  5. Taking Surveys
  6. Online Training
  7. Online shop
  8. Influencer job
  9. Forex Trading
  10. Affiliate marketing
  11. Dropshipping
  12. Virtual Assistant
  13. Freelancing
  14. Cryptocurrency trading
  15. Creating and selling eBooks
  16. SEO Consulting
  17. Offering Internet services
  18. Online recruitment
  19. Starting a podcast
  20. Vlogging


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