The Kenya Universities and colleges placement service has announced new placement dates. This targets students who were placed recently and would like to change.

According to the acting CEO of KUCPPS Mercy Wahome, the new revision will start from Monday, July 25th to August 24th, 2022. During this timeline, the portal will be open to all the students wishing to do a transfer.

The CEO also clarified this is the final chance to make a transfer and the portal will not be opened again after the closure date.

To qualify for a transfer, the student must meet the below requirements

  • Have the required qualifications for the course you are transferring to by having the minimum cut-off points
  • The transfer request must be signed by both the receiving and transferring institutions.

Transfer Process

  • This process will happen online with the students’ required to log in on the KUCCPS portal to initiate the transfer.
  • After the transfer, you will also manage to follow the process online as it progresses.
  • Once successful, KUCCPS will post the application letter online so that you can download it.

Hence, students wishing to do transfers will not be required to make physical visits to undertake the process as it has been in the past.

KUCCPS has also stated that the transfer guidelines will be posted once the portal opens.


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