Stock brokers are institutions that facilitate the buying and selling of shares in the Nairobi Securities exchange. These institutions are regulated by the Capital markets Authority of Kenya. As more Kenyans invest in the stock market, let’s look at the top 5 best stock brokers in Kenya.

How to Buy and Sell Shares in Kenya

Factors to consider when choosing a stockbroker in Kenya

There are various factors you should use when coming up with the best broker to use. These include;

1. Deposits and Withdrawals– Good brokers should offer various and flexible channels to move your funds. Some of these include mobile money and banking payments. This is because you will regularly need to either top up or withdraw from your account.

2. Regulation – Only settle for a broker that is regulated and licensed to operate by the capital markets authority. This helps to ensure the safety of your investments.

3. Customer support – As an investor, you will need regular support in matters such as account opening and market information. Hence, you should get a broker who offers the right support to make it easier to invest.

4. Trading costs – Every broker has their fees and commissions they charge. Some of these include brokerage fees and account opening fees. Hence, to maximize profitability, you should seek to get a broker with lower charges.

Top 5 Best Stock Brokers in Kenya

The list of the top 5 best stock brokers in Kenya includes;

  1. ABC Capital
  2. Genghis Capital
  3. KCB Capital
  4. AIB-AXYS Capital
  5. Dyer & Blair

1. ABC Capital

ABC capital is one of the oldest stock brokers in the country. Owned by the famous ABC bank, the broker offers various services such as portfolio management and equities trading.

To start investing with ABC capital you need to open an account. This you can do by downloading the account opening form on the portal.

2. Genghis Capital

Genghis capital is among the largest stockbrokers in Kenya. It is also fully licensed and regulated by the capital markets authority.

Some of the key services it offers include stock brokerage, bond trading, and wealth management. The brokerage offers the capability of trading through its mobile application platform.

To start trading with Genghis capital, you should top up your CDS account in any of the below accounts.

3. KCB Capital

This broker is a subsidiary of the KCB group that also owns KCB bank. Licensed in 2014, KCB capital offers brokerage services to all potential customers.

Learn more about KCB capital here.

4. AIB-AXYS Capital

AIB-AXYS is among the best stock brokers in the country boasting over 25 years in the Kenyan brokerage business. The broker comes from the merger of both AIB capital and Apex capital.

Some of the key services offered by this broker include brokerage, wealth management, corporate finance, and asset management.

The broker has a trading mobile application known as the AIB Digi Trader app. Through the app, you can access services such as real-time trading, and access to statement and market information.

Top 5 Best Shares to Buy in Kenya

5. Dyer & Blair

Dyer & Blair is among the top 5 best stock brokers in Kenya. Some of the services they offer include brokerage, corporate finance, and private wealth management.

The broker is also an agent of CDSC enabling you to access services such as CDS account opening and transfer of shares. Another key benefit of this broker is the online trading platform. that enables you to access trading services and market information on a real tie basis conveniently.


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