The growth of the betting industry in Kenya has resulted in to increase in the number of betting sites. Betting has become very common in the last few years, especially among the youth. Hence, this article will help list the top 5 best betting sites in Kenya.

Tips on How to Succeed in Sports Betting in Kenya

Sports betting is a multibillion-dollar industry in the country with football betting leading the list among the top betting sports.

Over the last few years, the government has been active in trying to regulate the industry to ensure there is order and customer protection. Some of the measures that have been put in place include licensing and taxation.

Top 5 best betting sites in Kenya

Below is a list of the top betting sites in Kenya in terms of popularity and services.

1. Sportpesa

Sportpesa is the most common and popular sports betting site in Kenya due to its controversies and robustness.

Starting in 2014, sportpesa has evolved to become among the top betting sites in the country with millions of Kenyans using the site regularly. It has also expanded to other markets such as Tanzania and South Africa.

Despite its legal challenges in the last few years, the company is also active in social activities by sponsoring various sports events such as football and boxing.

Sportpesa allows you to stake with a minimum of 49 shillings and a maximum of 20,000 shillings. It also allows mobile money payments through M-pesa via paybill 5212121 and 955100 and Airtel money. One of the major reasons why the site is popular Is its big jackpots that can hit up to 200 million shillings.

To join SportPesa, you need to create an account by providing various details such as phone number and email address. The site is available online or through the sportpesa app.

2. Betika

Betika allows you to bet with a minimum of 20 shillings. The betting site is available both online and through a betika app, this is one of the best betting sites in Kenya.

Betika is also attractive to Kenyans due to its large jackpots that get up to 100 million shillings. One major advantage of using this platform is the availability of many betting sports across the world. Some of these include football, cricket, tennis, and Boxing.

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To join Betika, you should create an account by providing your mobile number. After creating your account, you should top up using paybill 290290

3. Betway

As among the best betting sites in Kenya, Betway is also available in other African countries such as Nigeria. You only need a mobile number and email address to create an account with Betway.

To activate your account with Betway, you need to deposit a minimum of 10 shillings. You can also withdraw your winnings up to 50,000 shillings per day. The Betway paybill number is 880185

Some of the most common sports that you can bet on the betway site include football, basketball, and Tennis.

Betway site is available online and as a mobile app.

4. Mozzartbet

Mozzartbet Kenya is among the top betting sites due to its robustness and use by Kenyans. The site allows you to bet with a minimum of 20 shillings.

This betting site is very popular due to its regular bonus payouts. Mozzart also boasts of the biggest bet payout of 20,000,000 million shillings.

Mozzartbet also runs a program that allows business people to partner in opening betting shops through their franchising program.

To join the mozzartbet you need to create an account here. To deposit in your account, you should use the paybill 290059.

5. Odibet

Odibet closes the list of the top 5 best betting sites in Kenya. The site allows betting on various sports such as football and basketball.

You can create an account on odibet through online registration or SMS registrations by sending an SMS to 29680. Some of the benefits of joining Odibet include getting cash back on your first top-up and one free bet after registration.

After creating an account, you can top up your account using the paybill 290680. Some of the ways to access the Odibet services include both online and through a mobile app.


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