Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world.  With over 2.9 billion users, it is among the best platforms to make money if you are a good content creator and marketer. Hence, below is a breakdown of some of the ways how to make money on Facebook.

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Just like most social media platforms, the amount of money to make on Facebook is dependent on the number of followers and quality content.

Tip on how to make money on Facebook

Below are some tips on how to make money on Facebook.

1.  Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a service on the social platform that allows you to market your goods and services.

Some of the conditions you have to meet to use this marketplace include being over 18 years of age and having a Facebook account.

The marketplace enables you to market your products directly to the platform users. Currently, there are millions of people utilizing this capability to make sales. Hence, this joins the list of the best ways how to make money on Facebook.

2.  Pushing blog/website traffic

If you have a big number of followers on your Facebook page or group, you can use the platform to push traffic to third-party blogs at a fee.

Most blog owners require traffic for their sites to succeed. Hence, this is a viable option to push the traffic to their blogs. The amount of income you make from this option depends on your followers’ size and the type of blog.

Alternatively, you can also create your website or e-commerce site and use your Facebook page to push traffic there.

Through e-commerce sites, you get to sell your products online.

3.  Paid subscription

Facebook allows you to start a paid subscription program if you get to a certain threshold. This means that your followers will pay you a set amount to join your page. To get more subscribers, you need to offer variable content that will attract them to subscribe.

Some of the key requirements to get this service include having over 10K page followers, 250 return views, or 180,000 watch minutes.

If you meet one of these criteria, you are eligible to start benefiting from the paid subscription service.

4.  Facebook Influencing

Influencing is a key way that enables most content creators to make money on social media platforms. Making money through influencing requires you to have a good command of followers and content.

To influence, you need to get partners that can pay you to market their goods and services. The more partners you get, the more money you make.

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5.  Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing enables you to make money on Facebook through making third-party sales. It involves joining an affiliate program in one of the many companies that run these services. One of the requirements to get accepted by affiliates is having a huge following on your page.

After joining a program, you will get a link that you put on your page and if a customer clicks and makes a purchase, you get a commission or a fee. The amount of fee or commission is based on the affiliate rates.

To make more from affiliate marketing, target to join the program from brands that are well known and pay higher rates. This way, you will make more even if your sales are not much.

Affiliate marketing also does well if you sell products and services that are related to your account. If you run a page that deals with cars focus to target affiliate programs with a close relationship with cars.

This way, it becomes easier to make a sale as the audience has an interest in those products.

6.  Video publishing

Facebook video publishing works just as YouTube videos. It involves monetizing your videos by allowing Facebook to run ads on them.

You have to ensure you are creating relevant and frequent videos to monetize them successfully. Some of the requirements to monetize your videos include;

  • Being in a country where the service is available
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Publish videos on your page
  • Have at least 10000 followers.

Once monetized on Facebook videos, you will earn based on the number of video views.

Below is a recap of how to make money on Facebook

  1. Selling on Facebook Marketplace
  2. Paid subscription
  3. Pushing blog/website traffic
  4. Facebook Influencing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Video publishing


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