With 100k in Kenya, there are numerous business opportunities in Kenya that you can start and run profitably. Normally, most people think you need a lot of capital to start and run a profitable. However, this is not true. Below is a breakdown of the top 20 most profitable businesses you can start with 100K in Kenya.

Top 30 Businesses You Can Start in Kenya with 200K

1.  Cosmetics shop  

The urge to look and smell good has made cosmetics very marketable in the country. It is also a business whose demand is projected to grow in the future.

Hence, this is a venture that you can start with 100K and run it profitably. Most of the capital will go towards getting a selling space and buying stock. The best location is near busy streets where there is a big flow of potential customers. You can also have an online presence as a way to increase your customer base.

2.  Forex trading

Trading of currencies is among the most profitable businesses you can start with 100k. However, you need to invest in learning and experience because only through this you can become a profitable forex trader.

This business also carries an elevated amount of risk with 70% of traders being unprofitable. Some of the tips to do it profitably include getting a good forex trading broker and creating a good investment strategy. Get your free template online

3.  Bookshop business

A bookshop deals with books and publications both in soft and hard copies. The target in this business is the many schools and students that need books regularly.

With 100K, you should target to start small with the most in-demand books and expand as the business grows. Marketing is also critical in seeking to get book tenders from schools and other institutions.

4.  Bodaboda

With over 1 million bodabodas in the country, there is no doubt about the potential of this business. The unreliability of Kenya’s public transport system and poor road network make Bodaboda a high-demand and lucrative business to start.

How to Start a Bodaboda Business in Kenya

The process of starting the business is also simple as you only need a motorbike and license to get going. It is also possible to start a business in any part of the country and demand for transportation cuts across.

Although 100K could be inadequate to get a new Bodaboda, you should seek to get a well-maintained secondhand one. This you can acquire for as low as 60K.

If you are operating in the major towns, there is an option of joining some of the available online transport services such as Uberboda to help grow your customer reach.

5.  M-Pesa agency shop

There are over 30 million Kenyans today using M-Pesa services across the country. This has created a need to have these agencies serve them efficiently.

As an agent, you will offer services such as M-Pesa deposits and Withdrawals at a commission. Due to the commission nature of this business, getting a location with a large number of customers is more suitable. Hence target areas such as busy streets and malls.

The 100k will go towards getting a secure operating shop while the rest will act as startup capital. You also need an agency line to start operations.

On average M-Pesa agency makes at least 30,000- 50,000 shillings.

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6.  Selling ice cream

There is a surge in ice cream shops due to the growing demand. The huge population of young people in the country as well as growth in consumption income has made this a key opportunity that you can tap into.

You will need to get the skills of making ice cream to succeed in the business. You also need to invest in a freezer for ice cream storage. If there is some leftover capital, you can invest in an ice cream vending machine to make it easier to serve your customers. Get your free online template here

7.  Phone repair shop

A phone repair shop is one of the top 20 most profitable businesses to start with 100k in Kenya. This is because of the demand for these services as more Kenyans embrace the use of mobile phones.

Phone repair shops offer services relating to mobile phones. One of the most critical requirements when getting into this business is having the skills to get the job done.

As a technical job, you have to invest in learning either from a formal school or an experienced technician. You also need to buy the tools that will assist you in getting the job done. Finally, you need to set up your shop in a great location that customers can find easily.

As a service business, you have to target offering your customers great service to keep them coming back.

8.  Mitumba business

The Kenyans’ appetite for second-hand items such as clothes and shoes is insatiable. This demand has made the Mitumba business a lucrative venture.

A key secret to succeeding in this business is specializing in one category and getting a good business location. Learn more on the factors to consider when choosing a business location in Kenya.

You should also buy in bulk to get your goods cheaply. Due to the low cost of these items, it is possible to markup your sales by up to 100% as profits.

In the 100k capital, most of it will go towards getting stock and selling space. However, you can decide to do hawking if you don’t have the space and save on the rent. Receive a free online template

9.  Poultry farming

Most of the main products of poultry farming such as chicken are meat and eggs. These are high-demand products in the country targeting to sell in hotels and shops.

The 100K allows you to start this farming by setting up a poultry house and buying the chicks. You also need to buy feeds for the chicken.

What You Need to Know Before Getting into Chicken Farming Business in Kenya

Upon maturity, you will harvest eggs regularly if you are farming layers and meat if doing broilers. Due to the price fluctuations in this market, you should seek to start farming during the low season when the supply is low.

10.  Grocery shop

These shops are our go-to places for our daily cooking items. Grocery shops sell items such as vegetables, fruits, and spices.

Starting a grocery isn’t capital intensive as you only need a good place to set up and stock. Mostly, this is suitable in the residential areas as it is where most customers are.

Some of the strategies to succeed in this business are getting a reliable supplier and offering delivery services.

11.  Fruit shops

A fruit shop deals with selling fruits and fruit juices. It is an ideal business to start with 100k as Kenyans are big consumers of fruits. The country is also a major fruit producer making supplies easier to find.

100k is adequate to start a standard fruit shop. This capital will go towards paying for the shop rent and buying the necessary tools such as a blending machine to make the juices.

Due to the perishability nature of fruits, you also need to get a refrigerator for preservation purposes.

12.  Wines and Spirits shop

The alcohol business is highly profitable if you get a good location to set up. The demand is also insatiable making it a high potential profitable business to start in Kenya with 100K.

However, due to the strict controls, you require a special liquor license to set up. Learn more on how to get a liquor license in Kenya.

The location of the setup is what will determine the types of liquor sold. This could either be the high-end or low-end ones.

A wines and spirits business does well near residential areas as it is convenient and easier to access your customers.

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13.  Kinyozi business

Also known as the barbershop, it is an essential business as people regularly have to get their hair cut. The modern Kinyozi is more than just cutting hair. You have to offer more services such as cleaning and massaging.

This way, you will be competitive helping to retain your customers. To start the business, you need to invest in getting a well-located shop, and the necessary hair-cutting and cleaning tools.

How to Start a Successful Kinyozi Business in Kenya

Depending on your location, you can charge an average of 100 to 300 shillings for a haircut. You should also expect to get low customer traffic in the first few months of operation until a time when the business is well known.

14.  Photography

In the photography business, you need to have a good camera and computer to do editing. This is a business that is gaining popularity among Kenyans.

As a photographer, you should target to make money from events and occasions such as parties and weddings.

Alternatively, you can start your photo studio where customers can always get photo services. There is also an option of becoming a freelancer. Freelancing involves taking photos and uploading them on many online photo sites such as pexels and Shutterstock.

Through this approach, customers can find them and buy helping you to make some income. A good camera can cost on average 50K-70K to get you started.

15.  Blogging

If you have a passion for writing and you are patient enough, blogging is a profitable business that you can start with 100K.

You only need to buy a domain name and Webhosting services. These could cost you an average of 10,000 shillings for a simple blog. Success in blogging requires you to be consistent in creating content that is relevant to your readers. Get a free online template

Over time, the blog traffic grows to enable you to monetize it successfully. Some of the key ways to monetize your blog include running ads, affiliate marketing, and direct sponsorship. Below is a breakdown of the top 10 best affiliate marketing programs in Kenya.

16.  Baking

The advantage of baking is the ability to do it at home and target supplying your neighbors and colleagues. One of the major baking products is cakes. You need to have the skills and basic items such as an oven to start baking.

You can get baking skills by learning from an experienced baker or taking formal baking lessons in a school.

17.  Milk dispenser business

Also known as the milk ATM, this is a potential business due to the high milk consumption by Kenyans. Almost every household in the country uses milk daily.

Hence, the target is to get a good location for your dispenser to attract a huge number of customers. You also need to get the relevant licenses to start the operation. Due to the delicate nature of milk, you need to invest in good handling and cold storage facilities in case you have to store the excess.

18.  Car wash business

This business belongs to the top 20 most profitable businesses to start with 100K in Kenya due to the growing demand as more Kenyans buy cars.

With the number of vehicles in the country continuously rising, this business will remain lucrative even in the future. To get started, you need to get a suitable location to set it up such as near offices or on the roadside.

You also need to invest in water connectivity and storage and washing equipment such as the pressure machine.

19.  Shoe shining business

Shoe shiners are found in almost every town in Kenya. An indication there is a huge demand for these services.

The business is more profitable in urban centers where there is a huge population and a large number of office workers. It is suitable for set up along busy streets or near offices where you are most likely to get more customers.

To set up, you require the shoe shining business and the shoe shining shed where customers can get the services. You also need different types of shines to serve a diverse customer base.

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20.  Movie shop

Watching movies is a top way for most Kenyans to pass time. This has resulted in the growth in demand for movies.

A movie shop needs you to understand the movie industry and have the right business tools such as a good computer. You should also target a good location to increase the number of customers. Some of these include along busy streets and in residential areas.

Below is a recap of the top 20 most profitable businesses to start with 100K in Kenya.

  1. Cosmetics shop 
  2. Forex trading
  3. Bookshop business
  4. Bodaboda
  5. M-Pesa agency shop
  6. Selling ice cream
  7. Phone repair shop
  8. Mitumba business
  9. Poultry farming
  10. Grocery shop
  11. Fruit shops
  12. Wines and Spirits shop
  13. Kinyozi business
  14. Photography
  15. Blogging
  16. Baking
  17. Milk dispenser business
  18. Car wash business
  19. Shoe shining business
  20. Movie shop


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