As a business operating in Kenya, it is mandatory to have an ETR (Electronic Tax Register). This is a device that generates VAT invoices.

How to File KRA Tax Returns: Step by Step

In the last few months, Kenya Revenue Authority, the agency mandated to enforce taxation in the country has been enforcing the use of ETRs as a measure to ensure tax compliance.

However, has recently introduced eTIMS. This is a Tax Invoice Management System that is supposed to replace the ETRs. Hence, here are some steps on how to install KRA eTIMS.

What is eTIMS?

eTIMS comes as software that you can install either on your phone or computer. The software replaces the physical ETRS that were expensive to get and bulky to use. It is an upgrade of the TIMS system.

With the software, a trader can generate tax invoices either as soft copies or hard copies for clients.

Benefits of having eTIMS

  1. Cheap to use

The software comes free of charge from KRA. This is different from the ETR machines that cost on average 50,000 shillings to acquire.

  • Flexibility

The software can work both on the phone or computer making it easier to use. Any upgrade in the software will only need an update as opposed to the physical machines that need to change.

What happens to ETR devices?

As eTIMS is still in the pilot phase, KRA has said that those businesses with ETR machines will continue using them until such a time when there is full migration to the use of the software.

How to install eTIMS

There are various approaches to getting the software installed. This depends on the device you are using. Some of these include;

In conclusion, eTIMS will make it easier and cheaper for businesses to meet VAT requirements.


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