As long as you are driving a car, the chances of getting into an accident remain high. Hence, it is important to know the steps to take after a car accident in Kenya.

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It is a legal requirement in Kenya to have your car insured. This could be either third-party insurance or a comprehensive one. Having insurance helps to get compensation after an accident.

Below are the steps to take after a car accident in Kenya

1.  Remain at the scene

When involved in an accident, you should remain at the scene until you are cleared by the police to leave. It is both a legal and insurance requirement unless you need urgent medical attention.

Remaining at the scene helps you to engage the other party and also facilitates the police to collect information that is key in writing their report.

2.  Call the police

Once the accident occurs, ensure to contact the police immediately as they are key in filing a report that you need incase of legal proceedings or insurance claims.

The police in charge of handling car accidents are the traffic police and are normally located at strategic places on the road.

3.  Collect third-party information

You should ensure to document the third-party details. These include information such as;

  • Contacts
  • Vehicle type and make
  • Insurance provider
  • Number plates

This information is critical when proceeding with legal issues and insurance claims.

4. Contact your insurance provider

While still at the accident scene, you should contact your insurance provider for further guidance. The insurance provider is a key player due to the compensation aspect.

They also have a better understanding of the process and hence will offer you advice on the do’s and don’ts

5.  Remove your car

The police will normally advice you when to remove your car. This happens after completing the process of collecting all the relevant information.

You can either drive the car or use tow services depending on its condition. Mostly, you should take it to the police station until the processes are complete.

Below is a recap on the steps to take after a car accident in Kenya.

  1. Remain at the scene
  2. Call the police
  3. Collect third party information
  4. Contact your insurance provider
  5. Remove your car


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