Land has become gold for investors in Kenya. As a limited resource, land demand in the country continues to grow. This has seen Kenyans compete for the available ones resulting in to increase in prices. Below are some of the top 10 best places to buy land in Kenya.

1.  Nanyuki

Nanyuki has perhaps one of the most sort after land in Kenya. This is because the town is strategically located with the presence of economic activities such as tourism and farming.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Land in Kenya

As such, the land value has appreciated over the years as more Kenyans rush to get a piece. Hence, as the town develops, there are chances the value will keep rising into the future offering lucrative returns for investors.

Currently, it is possible to get a plot with less than 1 million shillings within a 10 km radius of the town.

Some of the main areas to buy land in Nanyuki Sweetwaters, Timau, Naromoru, and Mukima.

2.  Naivasha

Naivasha is a strategic town located closer to Nairobi and full of tourism activities. This is due to the presence of lake Naivasha and surrounding national parks. The town is also well-served with good infrastructure, hotels, and shopping malls.

As such the demand for land keeps rising making it an ideal place to buy. Infrastructure is also suitable for both road and railway connections.

The government is in the process of creating an industrial park in the area that could only see the value of land grow in the future. Hence, buying land around the Naivasha area is a good investment.

Some of the key places to buy land in Naivasha include south lake road, Kedong, Karai, and the Lake view area.

3.  Isiolo

Known as the central most town in Kenya, Isiolo is among the few towns in Kenya to have an international airport. It is also home to several tourist attraction parks.

In addition, the government’s development project known as the LAPSSET corridor is expected to pass through the town.  The project involves the building of a new city, railway line, oil pipeline, and a new highway connecting it to the Lamu port.

These initiatives have made Isiolo an ideal place to buy land either for settlement or investment. Due to the abundance of land, it is possible to get a plot for up to 500K within the surrounding areas of the town.

Some of the areas to buy land in Isiolo include Matter hospital, Kisima, Mwangaza, and Airport.

4.  Lamu

Termed one of the oldest towns in Kenya, Lamu is both a cultural and modern town. The ongoing government investments in the area such as the building of Kenya’s largest port and LAPSSET project have seen land prices around the town rise

The town is also located along the Indian ocean making it ideal for tourism activities. Hence, the future of the town can only get better resulting in more returns for land investors.

Some of the areas to buy land in Lamu include Kitau, Kipungani, Hindi, and Shella area.

5.  Ngong

There has been an influx of people buying land in the Ngong area due to the strategic location of the town.  This is mostly for settlement or building of rental units.

The trend is likely to continue as more Kenyans migrate to the city. Hence, buying land in Ngong promises better returns in the future. The weather is also conducive due to the presence of Ngong hills.

Some of the areas to buy land in Ngong include Bulbul, Hilltop, Saikeri, and Kibiku.

6.      Juja

Buying land in the Juja area is ideal due to its proximity to the city and good infrastructure network such as Thika road. There are also plenty of academic institutions in the surrounding.

Most of the land buyers are targeting land in the interior of Juja such as Juja farm where there is plenty of lands.

Some of the Key areas to buy land in Juja include Juja farm, Juja south estate, Mastore area, and mwireri.

7.  Kitengela

Kitengela has become the bedroom of Nairobi as more Kenyans rush to buy land in the area. Kitengela boasts of good infrastructure, entertainment joints, and shopping malls that make the area ideal for settlement and investment.

As such, there has been a jump in land prices. A trend that is likely to continue. Another benefit of Kitengela is the availability of plenty of land for expansion.

Some of the key areas to buy land in Kitengela include Acacia, Isinya, Kimalat, Lema, and Kolompoi.

8.  Kamulu/Joska

This is another area that has seen an influx of Kenyans seeking to buy land. The available and fair prices that are within a normal Kenyan ability are some of the key drivers pushing the demand.

As more people settle in the area, so are the price expectation of rising. The infrastructure is also good with the proximity of Nairobi town making it ideal as well for settlement.

Some of the areas to buy land in Kamulu Joska include Kantafu, Mutinda, Mutalia, and Malaa.

9.  Kikuyu

The Kikuyu area is served by several major roads such as the Waiyaki way and the Southern bypass. The area also experiences a good climate that is ideal for settlement

There is also the presence of good schools and shopping areas. Hence, buying land in the Kikuyu area is ideal and promises higher returns in the future for that buying to invest.

Some of the places to buy land in Kikuyu include Kamangu, Thogoto, Southern Bypass, and Thogoto.

10.  Thika

As an industrial and educational town, Thika is an ideal town to sell to buy land both for settlement and investment.

The town is also closer to Nairobi and is served with good infrastructure and other social amenities. Hence, you should consider buying land in Thika as it is ideal.

Some of the key areas to buy land in Thika include Ngoingwa, Landless, Kilimambogo, and Makongeni.

Benefits of buying land in Kenya

  1. Price appreciation

The land is one of the few assets that has an almost guaranteed value appreciation. The average appreciation rate in most of these areas is 10% per year and could also get higher.

  • Loan collateral

Land ownership is proven by a title deed. With this, it is easier for you to access loans across various financial institutions such as banks and saccos using your land as collateral.

  • Enables farming and settlement

Buying land gives you the chance to practice farming depending on the location. Farming can either be commercial or subsistence depending on the land size.

You can also use the land to build your residential home or rental houses.

Below is a breakdown of the top 10 best places to buy land in Kenya

  1. Nanyuki
  2. Naivasha
  3. Isiolo
  4. Lamu
  5. Ngong
  6. Juja
  7. Kitengela
  8. Kamulu/Joska
  9. Kikuyu
  10. Thika


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