Investing in shares is one of the best ways to grow your income. This is because you benefit from both dividend payments and share price gain. Hence, this article will focus on the top 5 Kenyan shares to buy in 2023.

Shares trading in Kenya happens through the Nairobi Securities Exchange. Here is a list of all company shares listed with the NSE. To start trading in shares you need to open a CDS account. This can happen with either an investment bank or a stock broker.

Upon having a CDS account and capital, you are then eligible to start trading in the shares market.

There are various factors you look after when choosing the right shares to buy. Some of these include;

  • Past performance
  • Management
  • Government policy
  • Share price

Below is a list of the Top 5 Kenyan shares to buy in 2023

1.  Safaricom

Safaricom is the largest company in Kenya both in terms of market capitalization and customers. It has interests in various areas such as telecommunication and finance.

Since its inception, the company continues to declare good results as well as pay regular dividends. As such, Safaricom remains a top investment choice for investors.

Why Safaricom Shares Price is Set to Rise in the Future

Recently, the company started operations in Ethiopia. This step cements its place to dominate the telecommunications industry in the region. A move that could see its investor value continue to grow in the future.

Hence, as an investor, this is among the top companies to target. Currently, the shares are on a fall making the right time to get in at a discount.

2.  Equity bank

Equity is the largest bank in Kenya both in terms of customer base and profitability. As such, it has a presence in various African countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, and DRC.

This presence continues to positively impact its good performance and hence better returns to the investors.

It regularly pays dividends, a factor that attracts most of the shareholders. The rise in demand for financial services gives the bank a good future profile. This combined with stable and good leadership also makes it a key investment choice.

3. KCB Bank

As the oldest bank in Kenya, KCB continues to perform well and is currently the second-largest bank in Kenya. It also has a good presence in regional countries such as Tanzania, South Sudan, and Rwanda.

Due to the good performance, the bank has continued to pay regular dividends ensuring the investors are getting returns.

The growing financial sector in the country and the continent also offers a good opportunity for the bank to expand. This expansion could only mean more returns both in form of dividends and share price gain for investors.

4.  Kakuzi LTD

Kakuzi is an agricultural and manufacturing company that deals with various products such as avocado, macadamia, tea, timber, and livestock.

The agricultural industry is lucrative due to the availability of ready demand and good prices. Hence, the company is a good buy if you want to get the value of your investment.

The company has also adequate experience in the market due to the number of years it has been operating.

5.  ARM Cement

ARM Cement is among the largest cement-producing companies in the country. It was formerly known as the Athi River Mining Limited.

As the country advances in the construction industry such as the government initiative of affordable housing, so will the demand for cement.

This means good prices for cement translate to better profits for the company and higher dividends for investors.

These are some of the company shares you can target to buy in 2023. However, you need to understand that investing in shares creates value in the long term. Hence, be ready to hold for 7- 10 years.

That way, there are high chances of getting good returns both in terms of dividends and share price gains.

Below is a recap of the top 5 Kenyans shares to buy in 2023

  1. Safaricom
  2. Equity bank
  3. KCB Bank
  4. Kakuzi Ltd
  5. ARM Cement


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