Elections in Kenya are one of the biggest spectacular events in the country. As it goes, the 2022 Kenya general elections are fast approaching and the country can’t rest. So, what does the 2022 Kenya general elections mean for you?

Businesses of the Future that You Should Consider

The election mood has gripped the country with the citizens hoping their candidate will win. Elections have different meanings depending on the individual. For some, it is time to do business while others are looking forward to getting a new leader in power.

Business person

Perhaps this is the group with a lot of interest in the elections. This is because they have both direct and indirect effects on the business community. Some risks come with a general election such as security challenges that could affect the business environment.

In such times, investors tend to take a wait-and-see approach before committing further investments. Hence, this is the reason why you find a slowdown in the markets through institutions such as the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

There are also issues of policy change that come with new regimes that could make or break a business. Another category of business that benefits from this period are those that do business with politicians. These are businesses offering services such as marketing, hospitality, transport, and media.

To these businesses, it is time to cash in on the good business fortunes. It’s bonus times.


To a politician, this is a career-defining moment. It is time to negotiate with their employees for another lucrative five years term. Trust me, this is not an easy process. It requires an enormous amount of resources and sleepless nights to beat the competition.

Every vote counts. Hence, you will find them busy in the markets, all types of media, and places of worship trying to sell their candidature. The reward for all this effort is winning the elections and getting the benefits that come with it. These include both monetary and power.

The only challenge in this type of competition is that the majority lose in the end. Only one winner takes the victory.

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This is another group that is as much invested in the elections just like the politicians. Realistically, voters are the most important people in this process.

They attend rallies in millions to show support for their preferred candidates. Wake up early in the morning to vote and wait anxiously for the results.

To the majority, this is a way of exercising their constitutional rights.

Conclusion of what the 2022 Kenya General Elections Mean for You

Elections in the country will always attract different groups with unique interests. However, one factor remains, this is a big moment for the country and a chance to flex the powers of democracy in the largest economy in this part of the world.

The uniqueness about Kenyans is that no matter the challenges and political differences, they quickly move on once the process is complete. This ushers in another opportunity to think about the net cycle five years away.

For now, we are middle of this process. May the best candidate win.


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