Kazi mtaani is a government initiative that targets to offer the youth jobs in the country. The project has become very popular with thousands of youth currently working under this initiative. Hence, this article will target to answer how to apply for Kazi Mtaani jobs.

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The program is also known as the National Hygiene Program was launched in 2020 by the government of Kenya. It aimed to cushion the vulnerable in society from the economic challenges of covid-19. Initially, it only targeted the informal areas in Nairobi but has since expanded to cover the whole country.

This initiative sits under the department for youth affairs.

To apply for Kazi mtaani, you should visit the Kazi mtaani application portal and fill in your details. Below are the application steps breakdown

Step 1:  Personal details

This involves submitting the basic details such as the Name, Phone number, Gender, Date of birth, and whether you have any disability.

Step 2: National Identity card details

You should fill in the details as per your national identity card. These include information such as your national identity card number.

Step 3: Location details

Step 3 involves giving details about your location. Some of the information needed include your county and location. The importance of this is to ensure you are placed in your locality in case you get the job.

Step 4: Education skills and level

The final step requires you to fill in your academic credentials. It includes giving your highest education achievements and institution.

Kazi Mtaani Salary

The program pays 455 Kenyan shillings per week. However, this is lower than the initial launch amount of 600 shillings. The reduction was necessary to enable the accommodation of more people in the program.

However, the supervisors make 505 Kenyan shillings per week.

Payments are usually done weekly and the funds are sent to mobile money wallets such as M-PESA.

Requirements to Join Kazi Mtaani Program

There are various qualifications and requirements necessary for you to join the program.

  1. You must be a youth between the age of 18- 35 years
  2. Have a valid national identity card
  3. Must be living in the area of application
  4. You should not be under any other government social protection initiative

If you have all these requirements, then you are eligible to join the program. All the best.


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