With the elections in Kenya just a matter of days away, Kenyans are eager to exercise their democratic mandate by voting for the leaders of their choice. Every Kenyan above the age of 18 has a right to participate in voting as long as they are a registered voter.

What the 2022 Kenya General Elections Mean for You

The voter registration process is already closed for the 2022 elections. However, the Independent electoral and boundaries commission (IEBC) has provided various ways to confirm your registration details. One of these Key details is verifying your polling station.

Hence, this article will focus on how to check your polling station in Kenya. The polling station is important because that is the only place you can vote. Hence, it is critical to confirm your station to avoid being caught up in the wrong station.

Below is the process of how to check your polling station in Kenya.

The IEBC has provided an SMS service to send your details for confirmation.

Step 1: Go to the SMS menu on your phone

Step 2: on the SMS put your Identity card number followed by #. Then put your year of birth. This should look as per the below ID Number#1950

Step 3: Send the SMS to 70000

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation details to be sent to your SMS from the IEBC.

The details will confirm your polling station.


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