Nairobi Expressway is the newest piece of infrastructure in the country. It is the first privately funded road that aims to reduce the notorious traffic jams in the city. Although it still waiting for the official launch, the guide is already out on how to use the Nairobi expressway.

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The construction of this road was launched in 2019 with a completion target date of the end of 2022. However, the completion is earlier with the expressway operating from April 2022 on a trial basis. The road starts at the westlands area to Mlolongo. A distance of 27 kilometers.

However, it has various entrance and exit routes along the way. As a privately funded road, users of the road pay a toll that varies from 100 shillings to 310 shillings.

Both personal and public service vehicles use the road. However, other forms of transport such as boda-bodas and pedestrians are prohibited from the road.

How to use the Nairobi Expressway

To use the road, you need to register with the company that runs the road known as the Moja expressway. Below is a breakdown of the registration process.

Step 1: Visit a registration service center.

Step 2: Fill in the application form.

Step 3: Provide the required documentation (National identity card/ Passport and Car Logbook) for personal users and (Registration certificate, Pin certificate, Authorization letter, and Logbook) for corporate users.

Step 4: Buy the toll points after a successful registration

After successful registration, you are now ready to use the expressway. There are various payments options available for road users as below;

ETC Service– This is the most convenient and fastest payment method. It involves registering and buying the toll points. Once done, an OBU device installation happens in your car to allow automatic and seamless payments.

MTC card – It involves getting a card to facilitate payments. Upon using the road, you tap and go to complete the payment. This method is faster than using cash payment.

Cash payment- Cash payment is the less convenient among the three. This is because you spend more time paying. For cash payers, you get a voucher to enable payment at the exit toll station.


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