Technology is fast catching up with Kenyan drivers as NTSA is in the process issuing smart driving licenses. Below is the process of how to get a smart driving license in Kenya.

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The National Transport and Safety Authority started issuing a smart driving licenses in 2018.  This was a big change from the traditional booklet licenses in use. However, the old license is still valid until the point where the new license takes over.

Benefits of the smart driving license

Convenient-Unlike the old license that is bulky, the smart one comes in form of a card making it easier to handle and convenient to carry.

Can store more information– using the chip technology, the new license can store more information digitally. This makes it easier for the legal institutions to get more information on the driver.

Allows innovation- with access to more driver’s information, other partners such as insurance companies will have an option to price their products differently. An example is giving a better driver a lower premium and vice versa.

How to get a Smart Driving License in Kenya

This article assumes you are already a qualified driver after successfully passing your driving exams as per the law.

Step 1: Log in to the NTSA TIMS portal

To do this, you need a TIMS account. It is not hard to get one as long you have a national identity card. click new account opening on the portal to register an account. If you already have one, you should instead login.

Step 2: Make the payments

The cost of getting a smart driving license in Kenya is 3,050 Shillings. Hence, you will be prompted to pay through various methods such as mobile money. After paying, you should schedule an appointment with the NTSA.

Step 3: Submit your details to NTSA

The appointment entails submitting your details for verification. These include key details such as the National identity card, Fingerprints, and a passport photo.

Step 4: Collection of your smart license

Upon completion of the application process, you should collect your smart driving license within one week. However, sometimes it could take longer due to the processing backlog.


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