There is no doubt we all want to pursue the most marketable and best-paying jobs. Hence, below is a list of the top 10 best paying jobs in Kenya.

What is the Best Business to Start in Kenya

Commonly, some of the jobs you think are most lucrative sometimes belong down the list. On the same line, some underestimated jobs are on the top. This is because the job market is changing fast and with some jobs that were very important a decade ago are no longer lucrative.

However, new jobs are coming up with changes in technology and the working environment. Hence, don’t be amazed to find the job you thought was prime is not on the list.

It is good to note that a similar job can pay differently for two individuals. Some of the key reasons for this include the employer, educational levels, and experience. Hence, this article will consider the average in the market.

1.  Sales Jobs

On top of the list are sales and business development jobs. Yes, I said sales. Sales is the only job that allows you to determine your salary. The job also doesn’t need specific qualifications. This element gives everyone a chance to become a sales professional.

Sale job salary average from little retainer salary to millions in commissions. Hence, you need to think about that. Almost all businesses require sales people to push their goods and services in the market. This makes sales jobs readily available if you have the interest and skills.

All some sales staff earn a salary, most of the income comes from commissions. The salary could be average but commissions are the deal breakers. Some of the institutions with good sales jobs include insurance companies and banks. Hence, if you can engage people and sell, don’t even think twice, go ahead and take the job.

2.  Politician

Political jobs in Kenya are very rewarding irrespective of the position. The rewards are in form of big salaries, allowances, and other benefits such as cars and housing.

It is a fact that continues to attract thousands of Kenyans to try their luck. Political jobs entail dealing with the citizens and in most cases going through an election. There are also some set educational standards depending on the position.

The average salary in this sector is at least 500,000 with the majority of politicians getting more than this.

3.  Medical doctor

Medical doctors are some of the paid professionals not only in the country but also globally. It even pays more for the specialists such as neurosurgeons.

This job could easily pay an average of 200,000 shillings for starters and even up to a million for those doctors with experience and specializations.

Some of the reasons for this good pay is because doctors are some of the brightest minds in Kenya and also take a long school process before certification.

Due to these limitations, they are also in high demand due to a small number of doctors in the country. Another advantage is that doctors can also start their clinics outside formal employment. To become a doctor in Kenya, you need a license from the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council.

4.  Pilots

Piloting is another well-paying and very marketable job in Kenya. As the economy grows, the need for air travel is growing at a fast pace creating a demand for more pilots.

This has made airlines start competing for the available resources by paying more to attract and retain pilots. However, the amount of salary payment depends on the experience and employer. On average, the lowest paid pilot earns at least 150,000 Kenyan shillings to over 1 million for captains.

Factors to Consider When Making a Career Choice

Piloting takes in some of the best brains in the country. It is also resource intensive to train as a pilot costing at least 5 million Kenyans shillings for a heavy commercial pilot.

To practice as a pilot in Kenya, you require a license from the Kenya civil aviation authority in Kenya.

5.  Engineer

Engineers are number 5 on the list with the engineering jobs paying well. There are various types of engineers in the country such as civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers.

All these types of engineering jobs are very marketable and well paying. However, it all depends on the employer and experience. To practice as an engineer, you need registration by the Engineers Board of Kenya.

The average salary of an engineer in the country is 250,000. An amount that could vary depending on experience and qualifications.

The only challenge with some engineering jobs is that most of them are usually contracts and hence there is no long-term job security.

However, with the engineering qualifications, you can also start your firm.

6.  Lawyer/Advocate

Lawyers form part of the top 10 best paying jobs in Kenya.  However, the amount of pay depends on experience. Senior lawyers and advocates earn more than junior lawyers.

There are different types of lawyers’ specializing in different areas such as criminal lawyers and constitution lawyers. Hence, it’s up to you to decide what is best.  Becoming a lawyer requires having a degree and a postgraduate from the Kenya school of law to become an advocate.

Lawyers also have the chance to become magistrates and judges as they progress in their careers. Another benefit of becoming an advocate is you have a choice to either get employed or start your law firm.

On average, lawyers make 150,000 per month. However, this can get to millions depending on the experience and clients.

7.  Software developer

Software development job is emerging as one of the best paying careers in the country. The demand for technological solutions is creating a huge demand than the currently available supply. In return, this has made employers pay software developers better to attract and retain the best talent.

Becoming a software developer requires you to understand programming languages. One key advantage of technological jobs is they just require you to have the right skills. As opposed to other jobs, there is no specific licensing needed to become a developer.

The average salary for a software developer starts from 150,000 shillings to 1 million. Just like the rest, the amount of pay depends on skills and experience.

8.  Accountant

Accounting is among the most famous jobs in the country with almost every institution having one. This is because of the key role they play in financial control and management.

Hence, this necessity has made accounting jobs very lucrative. To become an accountant, you need accounting professional qualifications such as a CPA and registration by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya.

On average, accountants make at least 150,000 shillings in salary. However, it all depends on experience and employer.

9.  Data Analyst

With the growing demand for data in the corporate world, the data analyst job is emerging in the top 10 best paying jobs in Kenya.

Becoming a data analyst requires you to have qualifications in careers such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, and actuarial science.

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Almost every big business and institution currently requires a data analyst to assist with data management and analysis.

The average pay for a beginner analyst is 100,000 shillings. However, this could go higher depending on the skill set and experience.

10.  Lecturer

Lecturers have always earned good salaries. Hence, this is the reason why it shouldn’t surprise you when the job makes it to the top 10 list.

Lecturing involves teaching in institutions of higher learning such as Universities. To become a lecturer, you need a postgraduate qualification in your area of specialization.

With the number of these institutions growing in the country, opportunities to become a lecturer are continuously opening up. The average salary for a lecturer ranges from 100,000 and could go up to 500,000. This comes with flexible work timelines and longer holidays.

Conclusion on the top 10 best paying jobs in Kenya

This list contains some of the most popular and best-paying jobs in Kenya. There could be other jobs not on the list but pay higher.

However, it is also good to note that every job pays well as long as you are the best in it. Below is a recap of the top 10 best paying jobs in Kenya.

  1. Sales job
  2. Politician
  3. Medical doctor
  4. Pilot
  5. Engineer
  6. Lawyer
  7. Software developer
  8. Accountant
  9. Data analyst
  10. Lecturing


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