A job promotion is always a great thing as it comes with several benefits such as more income and responsibilities. However, some people tend to get promoted faster than others. Do you know why this happens? If not, below are some secrets of how to get a job promotion faster.

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Promotions at work don’t just happen. You have to work for it and prove that you deserve it. This is why even if 10 people start working at the same time, they will not be in the same position in 10 years.

1.  Ask for it

This sounds odd but it is one of the best ways to get a promotion. Many times, your boss might not see the need to promote you despite doing everything else well. As social beings, sometimes a small gesture such as asking for a promotion could get you one.

It is a strategy best suited if you have taken a long time in the same position or you believe you are doing more than your current job role. There is no harm in asking even if you don’t succeed immediately. However, you will have already communicated your intentions making you among the first candidates if an opportunity arises.

2.  Develop your skills

Most employers consider skills and educational levels when awarding promotions. The higher your academic qualifications and work experience, the higher the chances of promotion.

Hence, focus to advance your skills by upgrading your education and taking on more complex tasks. It is good to note that your job level and pay are based on the value you offer. Hence, if you are aspiring on getting a promotion, start focusing on your skills.

3.  Be self-driven

Self-drive is an indication of independence and leadership skills. Something necessary for a promotion. As you go up the ladder, you automatically get more responsibilities that may include managing others and making decisions.

To do this effectively, you need to be independent and have the ability to make good decisions in favor of the employer. Even if you have a gap in this area, you should start training yourself in the necessary self-drive. Sooner or later, someone will notice and the promotion will come.

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Having self-drive means actions such as initiating tasks even when no one has requested you to as long as they are relevant to the welfare of your employer.

4.  Good work ethics

This involves characteristics that are necessary to make a good leader and employee. The list includes some elements such as getting to work on time, working hard, and having integrity.

Having these traits will make it easier for more people to trust you both with bigger roles and resources. You can learn them over time if you have some gaps through practicing them consistently.

As an example, if you are consistently the first one to get to the office, you will eventually create an impression of commitment and passion. Hence, every time there is a discussion on promotion, your name will always appear on the list

5.  Getting things done

At the end of the day, what matters at work is getting things done. Hence, always ensure to handle your tasks timely and fully. This way, you will earn the trust of your boss over time. Remember your boss’s success is also dependent on your ability to get things done.

Hence, through this you will make your senior look good and so will the benefits such as promotion come.

Below is a recap of the secrets of how to get a promotion faster.

  1. Ask for it
  2. Develop your skills
  3. Be self-driven
  4. Good work ethics
  5. Getting things done


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