The appetite for digital credit by Kenyans is growing by the day. With this demand, Safaricom saw an opportunity in allowing Kenyans to pay for bills even without having adequate funds in their M-pesa. How did they do it? They introduced fuliza. Hence, this article will help you understand how to fuliza M-pesa.

What is Fuliza?

It is a short-term lending product that relies on M-pesa. I call it short-term because the loan is recovered immediately there is a credit on your M-pesa wallet. Even if it is one day. However, Safaricom gives you up to 30 days to ensure all pending money is paid.

Failure to do this result in getting blocked from accessing the service.

How to Book SGR Online

How to Fuliza

Below are the steps on how to fuliza M-pesa.

Step 1: Be a registered M-pesa customer. This is because Safaricom uses your M-pesa turnovers to award you a limit.

Step 2:  Dial *234# to register for the service

Step 3: Select Fuliza opt-in. By doing this, you are allowing Safaricom to give you a limit.

Step 4: Make the payment. As long you have a limit, you can proceed to make payments with it.

There is some other key information you need to know.

  • You can only use the service on Lipa na M-pesa buy goods and services and Send money options.
  • The loan attracts an interest rate of 1.08% per day on your remaining balance.
  • You cannot withdraw your fuliza limit to cash.
  • The limit changes once every three months.
  • You can always check your limit balance using the USSD code *234#
  • There are no limitations on the number of times you can use the service as long as you are within your limit.

Benefits of Fuliza

There are various benefits of Fuliza both to Safaricom and the customers. For the customers, they get short-term overdrafts to help meet their cash flow needs. On Safaricom’s end, they make income through charging interest and transactional charges.


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