As long as the internet is available, there will always be room for bloggers. However, just like in sports, only the best survives. With millions of blogs in existence today, you have to work hard to get noticed. This article will focus on giving some tips on how to become a successful blogger in Kenya.

How to Start and Run a Blog in Kenya

Perhaps blogging is one of the most frustrating jobs when you are starting. Mainly because it requires huge amounts of effort in creating content that no one seems to like or read. However, the harder it gets, the closer you are to succeeding.

Almost 90% of all bloggers quit within 1 year of starting. It all depends on how you look at the statistics. As for me, I focus on the 10%. Although blogging is not among the easiest of jobs out there, there is still a chance of success.

The icing is that once you succeed, the opportunities are limitless. It will not only bring satisfaction to your writing hobby but also reward you handsomely. Making it among the best ways to make passive income. Just like wine, blogging gets better with time.

Trust me, all the initial frustrations are forgotten once the money starts coming in.

This brings us to the actionable points in enabling you to achieve success in blogging. These tips have been proven to work over years of research and implementation. Your task is to ensure you implement them fully.

1.  Create Content Consistently

Your key role as a blogger is to create content that can attract visitors to your page. By doing so, you are competing with thousands of similar content creators across the world. Hence, to compete effectively, you should create content consistently.

Please note that by consistent I don’t mean for 1,2 or 6 months. This process could take years of content creation if you want to get some success. It is among the key ways that help break into the top 10% of successful bloggers. If this seems unrealistic for you, it is time to reconsider blogging.

There is no set standard for the amount of content you need to create. However, the more the better. Some of the factors that determine consistency are time availability and resources.

It is easier for bloggers with more time to create a higher amount of content compared to those tied by other things such as work. However, if you have resources, you can create more content by hiring writers. On average, as a starter, you should focus to create at least 2 articles per week at a bare minimum.

This allows the search engine algorithms to start taking you seriously by ranking your Site. A dream that every blogger has.

So, it is time you got your hands ready to start creating content if you want to succeed in this industry.

2.  Create Quality Content

This is the second factor that you need to implement immediately to become a successful blogger. In the long term, quality always wins. Your readers want to get the best. Hence, you should strive to do so.

Quality and relevant content are other factors that determine how successful a blogger will become. The best way to estimate whether your content is quality is by checking what your top competitors are doing. By getting these insights, you should at least match them or do better.

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By doing this consistently, the search engines will ultimately realize it and rank you higher. Your readers will also start coming back for more helping to increase your blog traffic. Going back to my first point, creating one quality blog is not enough. You need to do this consistently.

Another point to note is that quality content needs a lot of research and market insights. This is the only way you can understand what the readers are looking for. This element brings me to my third factor.

3.  Doing Adequate Research

There is no difference between bloggers and researchers. As a blogger, you have to do continuous research to ensure you are creating relevant content. There are various approaches to research such as;

  • Reading other blogs
  • Engaging with your readers to get their suggestion
  • Using existing research tools to search for information such as Keywords.

Just like every other business, you have to create content that has demand in the market. It is the only way to remain relevant.

Reading other competing blogs helps you to understand what they are doing. By having this, you can get some hints of where you are failing and make the necessary improvements. It also helps you to understand gaps in the market that you can take advantage of.

Engaging your readers is also helpful to understand some elements such as the kind of information they may require. Your readers are customers. Hence, their satisfaction should be your key motivator.

There are many tools available online that help in researching the best content to create. Some of these include the ones that help with Keyword search. A search that helps you understand what most readers are searching online.

Hence, new to blogging? Start researching immediately.

4.  Optimize your content

Finally, search engine optimizations help blogs rank faster making it among the ways how to become a successful blogger in Kenya. Ranking means that search engines such as Google show your content among the top to the readers.

As a blogger, you need your content to rank better to attract more visitors to your blog. Doing so requires you to optimize your content through various search engine tools available in the market. Some various optimizing approaches include;

  • Having a clear and relevant title for your content
  • Ensuring your content is well grammatically written
  • Creating tags that are important in identifying your content
  • Having a focus Keyphrase on your content
  • Additional of other features such as images and videos on your content

These actions help with content optimization. By doing so, they make it easier for Search engines to detect your content and rank it faster and higher.

To make the optimizations work easier, you can use one of the many available tools. A key example of such tools includes Yoast SEO Tool and SEMrush tool. They are easy to upload on your blog and simple to use.

However, because there are many tools in the market, you should only settle on the one that suits your needs.

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These four actions are some of the key secrets of how to become a successful blogger in Kenya. It is not a sprint but a marathon. Hence, if you create content consistently, create quality content, do adequate research and optimize your content, you will surely become a successful blogger.

All the best in your blogging journey.


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