Kenya Airways is among the leading airlines in Africa. Also known as the pride of Africa, the airline flies to multiple destinations locally and across the world daily. This has made it a choice for most travelers. Hence, do you know how to book Kenya airways online?

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Competition in the airline industry has made it essential for them to have a robust online booking and payment system. This offers customers booking convenience and satisfaction as they can book and pay in the comfort of their homes and offices.

Below is the process of how to book Kenya airways online

Step 1: Visit the Kenya airways booking portal. Once in the portal, you should select the travel destination (to and from), travel dates (Departure and arrival), traveling class (economy or Business), and finally the number of traveling passengers according to the age.

Step 2: The next stage involves selecting the available flights and confirming the prices. This is because sometimes there is no available flight on the chosen day. You can also choose one of the many extras offered by Kenya airways at this step.

Step 3: After confirming the travel dates and destination, you are required to fill in your details at this step. Some of these include the;

  • Names as per the passport of all the travelers
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Emergency contacts

Step 4:  In this step, the airline allows you to select whether you need a special seat or additional baggage. However, this comes at an extra cost. Adding up to the total ticket cost.

Step 5: Payment. At this stage, you should proceed to make the payment as per the total booking costs. The are various payment options available for use such as visa card payments, mobile money payments, Union pay, and WeChat pay.

Step 6: Final confirmation. After successfully making the payments, you should confirm whether your ticket is as per your input. If okay, the final step is to make the travel.

However, Kenya airways also allow ticket cancellation but at a cost.


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