The importance of the National Health insurance Fund in the country is huge. Through both individual and government initiatives, there has been an increase in the number of Kenyans enrolled in the fund.

Being a member requires you to make monthly payments as per the set amounts. Among the most preferred payment channel is paying using M-pesa. Hence, this article will focus on how to pay NHIF using M-pesa.

How to Fuliza M-PESA

Normally, you are supposed to pay at least 6,000 shillings as premiums per year. This is further broken down to 500 shillings per month.

What is NHIF?

NHIF is a government health insurance fund whose role is to provide health cover for Kenyans. Every Kenyan is eligible to become a member whether you are either in the formal or informal sectors.

As a medical insurance fund, NHIF covers both outpatient and inpatient medical services across various hospitals in the country.

How to register for NHIF

Below are the requirements if you want to become an NHIF member.

  • National identity card copy
  • Colored passport photos
  • Birth certificate copy including that of dependants
  • An employer introductory letter if you are in formal employment
  • Payment of the premiums

How to pay NHIF via M-PESA

After registration, you should start paying your premiums regularly. Below is the process of how to pay NHIF using M-pesa.

Step 1: Go to M-PESA then lipa na M-pesa

Step 2 Select paybill and use paybill number 200222

Step 3: Put your ID number as the account number

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to pay.

Step 5: Put in your M-PESA PIN and complete the transaction.

After making the payment, you will receive a confirmation message. However, you can always check the status of your payments and other details by sending an SMS to 21101. Some of the information that you can check is dependant details and payments status.


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