The introduction of a single business permit has made it easier for business people to operate in Nairobi County.  The permit consolidates all the earlier permits into a single document that requires a simple application process.Hence, let’s look at how to apply for a single business permit in Nairobi Online.

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It has not only made it easier for the business people but also the county government. Resulting in an increase in revenue collection and convenient service offering.

The application process has also gone online making it easier and faster.

To apply for a single business permit, you meet to have some of the below documents with you

  • Business registration certificate
  • Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Pin
  • Business location and address details
  • Identity Card/Passport Number

It is also critical to note that the cost of the permit depends on the nature and size of the business. As an example, businesses that have up to 5 Employees pay 15000 shillings for the permit with an additional 200 shillings as an application fee.

Application Process

Step 1: Log in to the Nairobi eservices portal. If it is your first time, you will need to create an account using the national identity card number and KRA pin details.

Step 2: After creating an account and login in, you should fill in the business details. These include business name, business location, building name, and stall number.

Step 3: Filling in business activity information. This includes information such as the nature of the products and services you are selling.

Step 4: Update the business contact information. This includes details such as phone number, postal address, and email address.

Step 5: Payments. After completing the application form, you should submit it and make the payments. The amount to pay depends on the size of the business. However, the majority fall in the 15,200 shillings category. The payment is online and you can use the mobile money to complete it.

Step 6: If successful, you should download the permit from the portal for display at the business location.

Introduction of the Nairobi eServices portal has made it easier on how to apply for a single business permit in Nairobi.


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