Uber services have been in the country for over five years now. It is a technological innovation that has revolutionized the transport industry.

Since the introduction of these services, traveling using taxis across the country has not only become convenient but also affordable to the majority of Kenyans. Hence, let’s look at how to become an Uber driver in Kenya.

Uber relies on technology to connect both the customers and drivers through a dedicated app. The use of the app has some benefits such as pre-calculation of the cost and availability of maps to show directions. The details of both the driver and customer are also well indicated making it safer.

Uber is the market leader in the country due to various factors such as early market entry and a huge customer base. This has made it a top choice for most drivers who want to join this business. Some of its competitors in the country include Bolt. Learn more on how to become a bold driver in Kenya.

Below are some of the Key requirements if you want to become an uber driver.

  • National identity card
  • PSV driving license
  • Safety screening (Nairobi and Mombasa)
  • Complete a Certification session
  • Profile photo

Motor vehicle requirements for the Uber business

  • Be not more than 10 years old
  • Registration Logbook
  • Have at least 4 doors
  • Valid inspection report
  • PSV insurance

How to register for Uber

Step 1: Log in to the Uber portal and create your account. To do this, you require details such as your name, email address, and phone number.

Step 2: Upload your documents. This step involves uploading your documents as per the requirement. To fasten this process, you should upload your license first, ensure the details are visible, and only upload the original copies.

Step 3: Get a vehicle. This step involves providing details of your vehicle as per the guidelines. You should ensure that the vehicle details such as make, year of manufacture, and registration number match the details provided.

Step 4: Account activation. This is the final process after verification and approval by Uber. To activate your account, download the uber driver app that allows you to start accepting customer requests.

Uber services

Uber offers various services in the country. These include

  1. Uberchapchap

This is the most affordable and common uber service. It targets drivers with smaller cars whose operating costs are low. Hence, the reason for affordability.

Recently, Uber introduced the chapchap Share. A service that allows customers heading in the same direction to share a ride. The concept of sharing makes it cheaper than when you request a ride alone.

  • Uberboda

Uberboda targets motorbike riders due to the demand for bodaboda transportation in the country. The service allows riders and customers to connect through an app. 

  • Uberpoa

Uberpoa is a service that registers tuk-tuk riders. This is common in those towns with high usage of Tuktuks such as Mombasa.

  • Uberx

This is a premium service for drivers with bigger cars. The service targets customers that want some extra comfort such as space. However, its charges are higher compared to chapchap.

  • Uber delivery

This is a service that allows you to make deliveries between sellers and customers. Unlike the earlier services that transport people, uber delivery acts as the last mile in the delivery of goods tapping into the fast-growing online shopping market. Click here to register for uber delivery.

Below are some of the requirements to sign up for uber delivery.

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a motorbike or a bicycle
  • Have a smartphone

How to register for Uber delivery

Step 1: Download the Uber driver app

Step 2: Create your account on the app. To do this, you need your email address, phone number, and your full name.

Step 3: Select your city. The service is available in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nakuru.

Step 4: Chose your delivery vehicle. This could either be a motorbike or a bicycle

Step 5: Upload your documents. The type of documents depends on the delivery vehicle. For the motorbike, you will need a valid license, national ID, certificate of good conduct, and comprehensive insurance cover. For the bicycle, you need a national ID and a certificate of good conduct.

Step 6: Review. After uploading your documents, Uber reviews your application to determine whether you are eligible. If successful, you will receive an activation code.

Step 7: Purchase the delivery bag. This is the last step before you can start taking delivery orders. After approval, uber will send you a link from where to purchase your delivery bag from which you will be activated within 24-48 hours.


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