There are many well paying jobs in Kenya you can do without a degree. The rush to get degrees in the country has made it seem like it is the only way to get a job. However, this is not true. Don’t be shy to go for that certificate, diploma, or professional course because there are still many well-paying jobs you can do in the country.

Top 20 Best Online Jobs in Kenya That Can Make You a Millionaire

These jobs cut across various industries and pay different salaries. It all depends on your interest.

1.  Real estate marketing

As the largest investment industry in the country today, real estate has numerous opportunities that you can take irrespective of your academic qualifications.

This job is commission based and mostly depends on your selling skills to become successful. As long as you have a basic education, you are good to go. However, you can also choose to do a course specializing in real estate to get more professional insights into the industry.

If you are good at marketing and selling, this job can give you millions as the payments are mostly a percentage of sales. As an example, a 5% commission for every successful sale. This means if you sell a property worth 10 million shillings, your commission is 500,000.

2.  Software development

Software development is among the best-paying jobs not only locally but globally. The jobs don’t need any specific academic qualifications as long as you have the skills.

It is a practical job that requires you to learn software development skills. Most software developers are self-taught and so can you.  You can achieve this by taking available courses online or learning from an experienced developer.

Due to the need for software development services, software developers work in almost all industries such as banking, insurance, and communication.

The average salary for a junior software developer could exceed 100,000 shillings in the country and higher with experience.

3.  Piloting

Piloting is among the top 5 best paying jobs in the country. There is no degree requirement to become a pilot as long as your pass the piloting courses and tests.

To become a pilot, you should join an aviation school to learn the skills. These are available in the country or abroad in case you want to get higher skills.

Pilots start at the junior level where they fly smaller planes and advance to captain bigger planes. Basic pilot pay averages 200,000 shillings and higher for the more experienced pilots. Learn More on How to Become a Pilot in Kenya.

Kenya has various private and public airlines that you can work for such as  Kenya Airways, Jambojet, and Fly540.

4.  Online taxi driver

The penetration of online taxis in Kenya is growing with both drivers and customers embracing the service. This has created thousands of well-paying jobs for the Kenyans offering these services.

How to Become a Bolt Driver in Kenya

Online taxis work through technology whereby both the customers and drivers can engage each other through the apps. On average, an online taxi driver makes at least 2,000 shillings daily as profit. This is more than most degree graduates make.

To become an online taxi driver, you need to register with one of the many online taxi service providers such as Uber, Bolt, and Little cab. You also need to have a car and a public service vehicle driving license.

Learn more on How to Become an Uber Driver in Kenya.

5.  Military and Police Jobs

Most of the discipline force jobs in the country such as both in the Police service or the Kenya defense forces don’t require a degree to get in. What is needed is a Form 4 certificate and physical fitness.

These jobs pay well as long as you have the experience and work hard. You also enjoy other services such as free housing and medical cover once you become a member.

Joining the disciplined forces requires you to attend one of the many recruitment drives conducted regularly in the country.

6.  Clinical doctor

Medical jobs are some of the best paying due to the demand for these services and the low supply of people with medical skills.

To become a clinical doctor, you need to have a diploma in clinical medicine. This you can get through the many medical training schools and universities in Kenya such as Kenya Medical Training College.

The average salary for a starter clinical doctor is 50,000 to 80,000 shillings per month. However, this could rise depending on the years of experience and the employer.

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Kenya

7.  Nursing

Nursing is also one of the most sort after jobs in the country. This is because of the critical role they play in the medical industry. It takes an average of 2 years to train as a nurse from the various medical institutions in the country. Nursing jobs are readily available in numerous medical facilities across Kenya.

The average starting salary for a nurse is 30,000 to 50,000 shillings. However, this is bound to increase as you grow in the job.

8.  Teaching

Although some teachers need a degree to get a job such as those in Secondary schools, this is not the case, especially for the majority of primary school teachers.

Due to the importance and demand for education, teaching jobs are readily available both in the public and private learning institutions across the country. Some of the advantages of becoming a teacher include job security and other benefits such as medical cover.

The government is regularly employing teachers through the teachers service commission. There are also teaching colleges that are fully dedicated to training teachers at the diploma and certificate levels. On average, a beginner teacher earns 30,000 to 40,000 shillings per month.

9.  Social media management

This is a newcomer in the jobs industry driven by the growth of social media channels globally. As millions of people use these platforms daily, there is a need to have qualified people in managing inquiries and orders on the platforms.

Almost every major business and organization that has a big presence on social media requires a social media manager. If not yet there, they will most likely be hiring soon.

Hence, this job doesn’t require you to have a degree but good communication and social skills. You also have the chance of doing it as a freelancer enabling you to take jobs globally. These pay higher as it is based on the number of hours worked.

10.  Tour guide

As a major tourism country, tour guide jobs are very marketable and lucrative in Kenya. Becoming a tour guide doesn’t need you to have a degree but good communications skills and an understanding of the various tour sites.

The job involves helping both local and domestic tourists navigate the various tour sites in the country. Due to the diverse nature of tourists, you should target to learn as many languages as possible to increase your value in the market.

Tour guide salary is not constant but depends on the seasons. The more tourists you handle, the higher the pay.

Below is a recap of the well paying jobs in Kenya you can do without a degree.

  1. Real estate marketing
  2. Software development
  3. Piloting
  4. Online taxi driver
  5. Military and police job
  6. Clinical doctor
  7. Nursing
  8. Teaching
  9. Social media management
  10. Tour guide


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