The online industry has created millions of opportunities across the world. In Kenya, thousands of people are currently making a living from online jobs helping to reduce the high levels of unemployment. Hence, this article will focus on the top 20 best online jobs in Kenya that can make you a millionaire.

Top 20 Best New Business ideas in Kenya 2022

Advantages of online jobs in Kenya

No geographical limitations– You can do jobs from all over the world without having to move from your house. This is made possible by internet connectivity and various platforms that connect both buyers and sellers.

Access to a big number of clients – By serving the global market, the number of online jobs is high due to the big nature of the market.

Flexible working environment– As long you have an internet connection and the right skills, there are no limitations in place and time as to when you should work. This is unlike traditional jobs where you have to physically go to the office.

Ability to negotiate payments- Some online jobs allow you to negotiate payments with clients. This is based on various elements such as skills levels and tasks.

Top 20 best online jobs in Kenya that can make you a millionaire.

Below is a breakdown of the jobs you can do online in Kenya.

1.  Academic writing

Academic writing has become a top choice online job for most young Kenyans due to the huge demand for these services and high returns.

In this job, your role is to undertake various academic work as per your client’s requirements. These could be tasks such as writing essays, assignments, and thesis research across various disciplines.

As an academic writer, you have to deliver great results as per the timelines if you want to get more jobs. Hence, you have to master the skills if you want to get long-term success. You should match the available jobs with your skills to ensure you only take jobs for which you are most qualified.

For a start, it is advisable to work under an experienced academic writer to learn how it is done.  However, as you advance in this job, you can opt to get your account and hire other writers to help you.

Some of the top academic writing platforms in the country include Uvocorp, Writerbay, and 4Writers

2.  Transcription

Transcription has been gaining attraction lately with Kenyans starting to embrace the job. Transcription is the art of converting a speech to a written or electronic document. In a nutshell, it mostly involves listening to audio content and then writing it down.

These jobs are all over the internet and everyone is free to apply for them. You only need access to the internet and a computer. Some of the skills you need to succeed in transcription are being fluent in English, being a good listener, and being a fast writer.

5 Ways of How to Make Money Online in Kenya

On average, transcribers in Kenya make between 10,000 to 30,000 shillings per month. However, the income could grow as you gain more experience and speed. The ability to get more jobs depends on the quality of your work.

Some of the leading transcription sites in Kenya include TranscribeMe, Scribie, and Castingwords

3.  Virtual assistant job

A virtual assistant plays the role of the traditional assistant. The only difference is that now you do these tasks online. As a virtual assistant, your role includes scheduling appointments, organizing meetings, and making phone calls on behalf of your client.

To become a successful virtual assistant, you need to have a good understanding of virtual scheduling tools such as google calendar. You also need to have good communication and time management skills.

These skills will assist you to stand out in this job helping you make more money. The average salary for a virtual assistant in Kenya averages between 300 to 500 shillings per hour.

You can get these virtual assistant jobs on various freelancing sites in Kenya such as Upwork.

4.  Sports betting

The idea of sports betting is not new in the country with over half of Kenyans having participated in it at some point.

Although risky, this job is legal in the country with various companies such as Sportpesa, Sportybet, Betway, and Betking having a valid license to operate in Kenya.

Success in sports betting requires you to have a lot of market knowledge in sports. To start sports betting in Kenya, you need to create an account with a sports betting company and top it up.

This business operates on the high-risk and high-reward model. Recently, the government introduced a 20% tax on all the winnings.

5.  Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is doing online sales using various platforms such as social media sites and websites. As an affiliate marketer, you make income through sales commissions and conversions.

Normally, the commission is calculated per sale. Hence, the more you sell, the higher you make. Success in affiliate marketing requires you to have a big following on your social media pages or a big number of website visitors.

This helps you to push product sales increasing your chances of making more income. Below is a breakdown of the top 10 affiliate marketing programs in Kenya

Income from affiliate marketing can range from a few thousand to millions. It all depends on your efforts and selling skills.

As an affiliate marketer, you can target to sell products from both local and international companies. The company to use depends on the content you are creating. As an example, if you are a financial blogger, it would only make sense to target affiliates within the financial industry.

6.   Blogging

Blogging is becoming a common venture in the country as more Kenyans continue to tap into online opportunities. The process of becoming a blogger is simple. You need to identify a niche that suits your interests, get a domain and Webhosting services, and finally create your blog.

This process may cost you less than 10,000 shillings to start a basic blog and more if you want to have a bigger blog. Learn more on How to Start and Run a Blog in Kenya.

Success in blogging entails creating relevant content continuously. Over time, the number of visitors coming to your blog grows helping you to monetize it.

Some of the common ways to monetize your blog include running ads placement such as Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and direct marketing. Tips on How to do Affiliate Marketing.

Income from blogging in Kenya ranges between 30,000 to 50,000 shillings for the first few years of operation. However, this could get higher as long as you keep creating relevant content.

On the downside, a blog takes time to start paying adequately. Hence, you need to be patient as the process could even take more than a year before you get returns.

7.   Forex Trading

Forex trading is the art of buying and selling currencies. It is a global market and trading happens online. As the largest market in the world, forex trading has numerous opportunities that you can use to make money.

However, due to its technicality, you should invest your time in learning as this is what determines your success. As a beginner forex trader, it takes an average of 6 months to 1 Year to become profitable. Below is a detailed description of How to Start Forex Trading in Kenya.

Some of the key details you need to know in forex trading include currency pairs, Leverage, trading strategy, and market analysis.

However, most brokers in Kenya offer you a demo trading platform that you can use to perfect your skills without having to risk your money. Talking of risk, Forex trading is a risky venture and hence you should only invest funds that you are willing to lose. The high-risk levels also mean the returns are high if successful.

Below is a guide on How to Learn Forex Trading in Kenya.

8.   Social media management

The demands of social media for most businesses and prominent people have created a need to get social media managers. As a social media manager, your role is to respond to customers, create relevant and engaging content and perform analysis to inform future decisions.

How to Succeed in Social Media Marketing in Kenya

You also have to be good in communication skills as most of these platforms involve responding with written feedback.

The average pay for a social media manager is 50,000 shillings in Kenya. However, depending on the organization, this could be higher. For the freelancing managers, the payment could average 500 shillings an hour.

Some of the social media management jobs include social media analyst and social media coordinator.

9. Online training

Nowadays, millions of people are seeking to learn online on a daily. This has made online training businesses expand across the world. Becoming an online trainer requires having a skill that is in demand. Once you get the skill, you should use the various online training platforms to market yourself.

Some of the main online training platforms include Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Coursera. These are dedicated online training platforms that connect both the trainers and students. Your role as a trainer is to create relevant training material that suits your customers’ needs.

As a trainer, you make income through various methods such as charging a training fee or selling the training material.

Some of the best skills to teach online include software development, data analysis, and design. There is no limit to how much you can earn through online training as long you get students willing to take your courses.

10.  Online survey jobs

Different organizations are always conducting surveys to collect data on various subjects such as products, political issues, and processes. To do this, they pay participants to conduct these surveys and give independent opinions.

To participate in online surveys, you should sign up with a survey company by providing your details such as location and interests. Once there is a survey that suits your needs, the company sends you a notification to complete it.

Upon completion, you are then rewarded with payment. It is good to note that surveys don’t pay a lot of money. Hence, the only way to make more is by doing as many surveys as possible. To achieve this, you should sign up with more survey companies. Some of the leading survey companies include Swagbucks and LifePoints.

This is an easy way to make money online as it doesn’t need a lot of effort making it among the top 20 online jobs in Kenya that can make you a millionaire.

11.  Proofreading

This is the art of reading written content to eliminate errors and mistakes. It is the final process of writing and it is meant to identify mistakes for correction.

To be good in this job you need to understand different forms of writing such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This will enable you to identify and correct mistakes easily. 

The advantage of becoming a successful proofreader is you don’t require any special degrees or qualifications as long as you master the art.

Payments are done on the work done. Hence, the more you proofread, the more you make. As a beginner, you can make between 500 to 1,000 thousand shillings from proofreading per task.

Some of the largest proofreading platforms that you can get these jobs are Upwork.

12.  E-book publishing

Publishing is among the top 20 online jobs in Kenya that can make you a millionaire. To Publish e-books, you need to be good at writing and content creation. You also need the skills and knowledge to write.

As an e-book publisher, the goal is to create and publish content on various platforms that buyers can access.

Publishing e-books requires a lot of work and effort in the initial days of writing. This is because you have to do thorough research to create content that is relevant and marketable. However, once done, an e-book can be a source of lifetime passive income.

You only need to keep updating when necessary. Some of the top platforms where you can sell e-books include amazon Kindle and Kobo.

The amount of money to make from this online job is dependent on the number of eBooks you publish and the quality of the content.

13.  Vlogging

Vlogging is the art of creating video content online. It is a growing trend globally as more people consume video content. Some of the leading platforms for video creation include YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

As a vlogger, your job is to create content that can attract viewers. To start, identify an area of interest to create content on. As long as your content is quality and relevant, you will attract viewers.

How to Make Money on YouTube in Kenya

As a vlogger, there are various ways you can make money. Some of these include ad placement on platforms such as YouTube, direct marketing, and doing sponsored videos.

The amount you make from this online job is based on various factors such as your negotiation skills, and the number of viewers and subscribers to your channels.

To become a good vlogger, you need to have good video-making tools such as a camera and a computer. It is also necessary to understand basic video editing skills. This job needs patience as it takes some time before you can get enough viewers to enable you to monetize successfully.

14.  Photography

Do you have a passion for photography? If you do, this is an opportunity to turn to a money-making online job. Various platforms enable you to sell your photos online making this among the top 20 online jobs in Kenya that can make you a millionaire.

As long as you have a good camera that can take great photos, you are ready to go. Some of the best platforms to sell your pictures include Shutterstock, Alamy, and Getty Images. The only requirement for selling on these platforms is having an account.

Alternatively, you can create your website to display and sell the photos. However, riding on an already existing site is easier for a beginner as they already attract thousands of buyers. Creating your website means starting from zero. A process that could take a long before buyers can notice it.

Some of the tips to succeed in this business is ensuring your photos are unique and quality.

15.  Website Designing

If you have the skills to design websites, the online space is the place for you. There are thousands of freelancing jobs available seeking website designers. This is driven by the fact that the demand for websites is growing and so are the skills for the same.

According to the available data, over 250,000 websites are created daily making it a lucrative market. You can get website designing jobs from various freelancing platforms that are widely available such as Upwork and Fiverr.

However, you can also market yourself on other platforms such as social media sites and through word of mouth.

To succeed as a website designer, you need to have the designing skills necessary to meet customer expectations. This is the only way to grow your profile and benefit from referral marketing.

16.  Video editing

If you are good at video editing, you can market your skills to potential customers that need help editing their videos. These may include clients such as vloggers, musicians, and video production companies.

As the demand for video content expands, opportunities in this sector will keep on growing as well. Video editing jobs are readily available across various freelancing platforms. You only need to register and submit your proposal.

Success in this job requires you to know video editing softwares. This you can get through taking formal lessons or self-teaching.

17.  Cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrencies have become very famous lately due to their growth both in value and number of investors. They have been termed the next generation of money. Let us answer the question what is cryptocurrency?

This is a form of virtual money that is created through a technology known as the blockchain. These currencies have been around for a decade and continue to grow in popularity. Among the major ones and also the largest is Bitcoin. Learn More on How to Buy Bitcoin In Kenya using M-Pesa.

Investing in cryptocurrencies requires you to have an account with a crypto broker such as Binance. After getting your account, you should top it up and start trading. However, it is key to note this is a high-risk high reward investment due to the volatility levels of these assets.

Hence, you need to have adequate knowledge before investing in cryptocurrencies to increase your chances of making money. You also be ready to only have capital that you are willing to lose.

18.  Product testing

In this online job, you get paid for testing products from various companies and industries. The goal of product testing is to help the creators/manufacturers with a neutral opinion. This information is of getting help to them as it assists in corrections and perfection of these products.

Unlike online surveys were mostly qualitative, this is a more quantitative survey as you have to interact with the products before giving feedback.

Mostly, testing is done on new products such as beauty products, food, and websites. You are required to use them for some duration to enable you to give conclusive feedback. Payment is done once testing is complete. On average you can make 5,000 to 10,000 by testing a product.

There are various product testing platforms that you can register with such as Usertesting and Bzzagent. It is also key to note that the more you test, the better your profile becomes and hence the more jobs you get.

19.  Online call center jobs

Also known as a virtual call center, this job allows you to offer call center services online as long as you have the right tools.

Some of the jobs that you can do in an online call center include handling customer queries, telemarketing, and third-party verification.

This is more of a freelancing job. Some of the key requirements to get this job done include having access to internet connectivity and good communication skills. The salary ranges between 50,000 to 100,000 shillings. However, this could go higher or lower depending on the client.

You can get these jobs on various freelancing websites in Kenya such as Upwork.

20.  Drop Shipping

This is a retail business that operates differently from traditional retailers. In drop shipping, you can set up a shop online, and engage your customers but not have the physical goods with you. The concept is that once you get orders, you engage the manufacturer who produces and delivers them to the customer.

As a drop shipper, your key role is to design and market your products. The rest of the work is done by the manufacturers and fulfillers. Some of the best platforms you can use to create online shops include Shopify and Aliexpress.

This is among the top 20 best online jobs in Kenya that can make you a millionaire. The advantage of drop shipping is that you don’t have to worry about manufacturing and delivery.

Some of the best ways to market your products are through social media pages. It is also key to ensure the product you sell is related to your audience. As an example, if you are running a sports site, it is easier to sell sports products.

You get paid once the customer receives goods less the manufacturing and delivery costs.

How to start doing online jobs in Kenya

Step 1: Get the relevant devices and internet connection – This is the first step in doing online jobs. Some of the devices necessary include a computer and internet connections.

Step 2: Join the online jobs platforms- Various platforms connect you to the clients. These platforms offer a marketplace where you review the jobs available to apply for ones that fit your interests. The platforms also facilitate payments after completing the job.

Step 3: Apply or register to get the job- Once you get a job that interests you, you need to apply for consideration. This happens by providing your proposal that highlights your skills and experience. However, for some jobs such as forex and cryptocurrency trading, you only need to top up your account and start trading.

Step 4: Get the right skills/learn- Most of these jobs requires you to have a certain level of skills. Hence, if you find out that your skills are below the requirement, consider upgrading them through learning. You can either do this by taking a formal course or self-teaching.


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