Even before money came to being, humans have always survived. Hence, it is still possible today to survive without money at all. However, to manage to do this, you need to change your lifestyle and adopt more general survival tactics. Below are some tips on how to survive without money.

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1.  Grow your own food

Food is one of the most expensive items in the country today. More so because it is a daily need for survival. The alternative to buying food is growing yours. This can be possible if you have a piece of land and access to other utilities such as water.

Growing your food will help take the feeding costs to zero just like in the old days. It is also healthier as the food grown is organic and clean. The bigger the piece of land, the more food you can grow. To change the diet, you should practice crop rotation.

You can also adopt modern farming methods such as using greenhouses to increase production both in quality and quantity.

2.  Use herbal medicine

Herbal medicine has been with us as long as people have lived. Even the modern medicine we use today is derived from various herbs and plants. Hence, it is possible to rely on herbal treatment and you will be fine.

Some herbs treat specific diseases. Using herbal medicine will help you save on the cost of the medicine which is extremely high currently. Medical needs will also be lower due to the adoption of homegrown food that helps minimize lifestyle diseases.

You can also adopt regular exercises such as running that are key in helping you maintain a healthy body.

3.  Use barter trade

Barter trade was the top means of exchange before money came into being. It enables the exchange of commodities and services between 2 parties. Barter trades help eliminate the need for money as I give you goods A and in return, you give me goods B.

Hence, you only need to look for someone who has more than what you need. As an example, you can exchange food for clothes and vice versa.

4.  Ask for help

There are many charitable organizations both local and international whose role is to offer help to those in need across the world. Some of the key things they offer include food, housing, and education.

Other than these entities, you can also ask for help from your neighbors or friends. With all these helping channels, they increase your chances of survival without money in Kenya.

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5.  Make a natural house

The African house was made up of natural materials before the introduction of modern construction methods. Hence, it is still possible today to make a house from naturally available materials such as soil and wood.

Most tribes in Kenya such as the Maasai are still making natural houses due to their nomadic nature. As a basic need, housing is critical to your survival. Once this is sorted, then you can survive comfortably

The above list is a good indicator that you can survive without money in Kenya. Money is just a means of exchange and if you get alternatives, then it is possible to continue living.

Below is a recap of tips on how to survive without money in Kenya.

  1. Grow your own food
  2. Use herbal medicine
  3. Use barter trade
  4. Ask for help
  5. Make a Natural House


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