10,000 shillings is a good amount to start a business in Kenya. In business, no capital is too small. The goal is to start small and grow as the business expands. Hence, this article will focus on the top 5 businesses you can start with 10000 shillings in Kenya.

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Most of the successful business people in the country started small. This allowed them to learn and gain experience with the current status of today. Hence, don’t fear starting small as long as you have the dream and business plan in place.

Instead of spending 10,000 shillings on entertainment, here is a breakdown of the businesses you can start with this amount.

1.  Mitumba business

Selling mitumba is one of the most common businesses in the country. This is due to the ease of getting in and the demand as well.

Also known as the second-hand business, you can target to sell various items such as clothes, shoes, and bedding. The reason why mitumba is suitable for such an amount of capital is due to the availability and affordability of stock.

The only requirements to start this business are stock and a location to sell. You can get started with as low as 50 shillings per piece and sell at 200 shillings. This translates to a profit margin of over 100%. In case you don’t have a permanent place to sell, you can choose to do hawking or sell online through various channels such as the Facebook marketplace.

The only secret to success in this business is offering customers what they need in a quality manner. As you book more sales, you should plan to expand making it possible to make more profits.

2. Blogging

Blogging is becoming common in the country as access to the internet and computers deepens. To become a blogger, you need to get a domain name and web hosting services. These come at a cost depending on where you buy them. However, you can get them with as little as free.

Yes, is said it, for free. This is because some sites offer free domains and Webhosting services. However, there are limitations in terms of dormain flexibility. Some of the top sites offering free domains and Webhosting is WordPress.

However, if you have 10,000 shillings, you can opt to buy your dormain and Webhosting which could cost as little as 5,000 shillings.Learn more on how to start and run a blog in Kenya. After buying these two services, you should proceed to create your blog website.

Once this is complete, you are ready to start creating your blog content. Some of the common ways to make money through blogging include AdSense, affiliate marketing, and direct sponsorship. It is key to note that blogging is a long-term venture that could take you 6 months to 1 year to start bringing returns. However, once it is profitable, the income could last a lifetime as long as it is attracting visitors.

3. Grocery Shop

The basic nature of groceries makes it a key business that you can start in any part of the country. Mostly, grocery stores do well in estates or near residential areas. This is because it is where customers are.

Some of the most common items sold in a grocery shop include vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, and onions.

These are low-cost items that you can afford to buy with a capital of 10,000 shillings. You only need to identify the right location and demand for the business.

For the grocery business, you need a space to sell where the customer can find you.  You should also target improving customer service through home deliveries. This will get you more customers and thus more business.

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4. Cereal shop

Cereals are key foods consumed in almost every household in the country. With 10,000 shillings, you can afford to stock up on a few varieties in low quantities.

As opposed to groceries, cereals have a longer shelf life and hence no major challenges in selling duration. Some of the most common cereals in Kenya include beans, maize, rice, and millet.

To reduce the business costs, you can get your stock directly from the farmers as the buying price is lower. You can also target to buy in bulk as it is easier to negotiate a discount. Hence, if you have 10,000 shillings in your pocket, the cereals business could be just the right thing for you.

5. Social media influencing

This is an upcoming job that only requires you to have a social media page. Social media has become a big marketplace with millions of Kenyans using it daily.

This has created an opportunity for influencers to use their following in marketing various products and services. It is almost free to become an influencer as the only requirement is to have a big following that could attract brands to partner with you.

To become a top influencer, you need to post relevant content on your social pages constantly. This way, more people will follow and make you more attractive to potential partners.

As a recap, below are some of the top 5 businesses you can start with 10000 shillings in Kenya.

  1. Mitumba business
  2. Blogging
  3. Grocery shop
  4. Cereals shop
  5. Social media influencing


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