The lack of adequate opportunities in Kenya has made it very hard to get a job, especially for young people. With over 40% in unemployment levels, the few open opportunities will continue getting a lot of competition from job seekers. However, below is a compilation of 5 tips on how to get a job in Kenya.

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The job application process requires both soft and hard skills. You have to get ready to not only market yourself but also apply in many places to increase your chances.

1.  Networking

Perhaps this is one of the most efficient ways to get a job in Kenya. This is driven by the fact that over 60% of all available jobs in the country are never advertised at all. These positions are filled mostly through network referrals.

Hence, you need to invest in growing your social networks as early as when you are in school. Some of the ways to do this include attending networking and social forums that happen all the time. To be more fruitful, focus to attend those forums that have a bias toward your career industry.

As an example, if you are an engineer, focus to attend engineering forums and conferences as this will increase your chances of creating valuable networks. When creating the networks, you need to be clear you are looking for a job hence no one will know your needs.

Job opportunities that come through networks are also easier to get as not many people get to know about them resulting in lower competition.

2.  Build a good resume and cover letter

The 2 documents are critical in the job application process. This is because they are the first line of communication between yourself and the potential employer.

A good resume should include all the key details that are critical to the job you are applying for. Some of these details include academic qualifications, work experience, and basic personal information such as age and gender.

The format of the resume is also key as it could indicate some aspects about you such as communication skills, organization, and seriousness. Ensure to use the latest and most acceptable formats when creating your resume. In case you are having a challenge, you should engage a professional to assist you in the process.

Remember impression matters. Hence, take some time to create a resume that will attract someone to read it further. The same applies to the cover letter.

3.  Upgrade your Skills

Skills are the key driver of why you apply for a specific job. As an example, for you to get a doctor’s job, you need to have the right skills and experience in performing the duties of a doctor. Hence, the more skills you have, the higher the chances of getting a job.

Some of the best ways to upgrade your skills include upgrading your education levels and getting more experience. There are many levels of education such as a diploma, degree, and masters level. You can also do a professional course that makes you more suitable for the job at hand.

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Experience is also key to improving your skills. Normally, you increase your chances of getting a job if you have more experience. The reason for this is the more experience, the higher the productivity.

Hence, don’t shy from enrolling for that masters or learning a new technological course. They will be key in growing your value in the job market.

4.  Taking unpaid internships

Internships remain one of the key ways how to get a job in Kenya. Although it seems challenging to work without pay or less pay, it also places you in a great position to get an upgrade and experience.

Many employers are willing to offer unpaid internships in the country. Take this as an opportunity to market yourself and grow your networks. If you do the job well during this period, there is a higher chance someone will notice and offer you a job.

Another probability is that an opportunity will open up during the time of your internship and being an insider, increases your chances of getting the job. Hence, don’t shy from getting an internship without pay with an employer you would wish to work for in the future.

5.  Consistent job application

As a job seeker, you should make it your goal to consistently apply for jobs both through recruitment companies and directly to employers.

This is because there is job advertisement every day across various platforms such as newspapers and online. The more you apply, the higher the chances of getting the job.

The physical job application will require you to print your documents and send them either by dropping them off or using the postal services. This is more cost and time-demanding compared to the online application. The online application requires you to send your application request through the employer’s website or email.

However, whatever the application channel, you should ensure you are on the lookout for new opportunities in the market.

Below is a recap of the top 5 tips on How to get a job in Kenya.

  1. Networking
  2. Build a good resume and Cover Letter
  3. Upgrade your Skills
  4. Taking unpaid internships
  5. Consistent job application


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