Academic writing has become a top source of income for writers across the country. These are mostly students and graduates that do this job daily. Hence, let us look at the top 10 best academic writing sites in Kenya.

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What is academic writing?

This mostly refers to undertaking freelancing jobs that entail doing academic work. This may include jobs such as wring essays, journals, and projects. Normally, there are specific sites where you can get these freelancing jobs. All you need is to create an account with them and start taking the jobs.

How much money do academic writers make in Kenya?

The amount of academic writing income depends on various factors such as experience and the nature of the job. However, the majority of writers make between 200 to 400 shillings per page. This happens if you are writing for an account owner.

Hence, the total income per month is based on the number of successful pages written. On average, academic writers make between 30,000 shillings and 50,000 shillings per month.

However, if you have an account, the amount of income is unlimited. Another factor that determines the amount of income is the season. There are high seasons when there are more jobs and low seasons when the job supply is low.

Requirements to become an academic writer in Kenya

There are various items you need to become an academic writer. Some of these include;

1. Skills– Academic writing requires you to have the right skills to complete the tasks. You can learn these through job training or getting a mentor in this line. However, some sites require you to have minimum qualifications such as a degree.

2. Computer -You need to have access to a laptop or desktop to execute writing duties efficiently. This is because they are the basic tools through which you do the job.

3. Internet – Academic writing is normally done online. Hence, the need to have internet access to get it done. It will also assist with research. A key factor that ensures you are doing quality work.

4. Account – you need to have access to an academic writing account that you can use to apply for the jobs. However, you can also partner with someone that has an existing account and focus to grow it as well.

This approach is best suited for starters to enable them to learn the job. Upon getting relevant experience, you can then graduate to owning your account.

Top 10 best academic writing sites in Kenya

Below is a breakdown of the best academic writing sites in Kenya.

1.    Uvocorp

Uvocorp is one of the most common academic writing sites in Kenya. To use the site, you need to start by creating an account.

This process could take up to 7 days before getting approval.  The account creation process could take you up to 3 hours. Other requirements you need for registration include personal identification documents such as a national identity card.

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The site normally does mass recruitment from September to November at the onset of the high season.

2.    Writerslabs

Creating an account with writerslabs takes 4-6 days and is free. However, you need to pass the below tests before you can get approval.

  • English Grammar Test
  • Citation Styles Test
  • Professional Essay Writing

You also need to complete a task within 2 hours after which it is evaluated and awarded marks. If successful, your account will be activated.

The site pays account owners on average 5 -20 dollars of work done per page. However, there have been complaints that the pay could go as low as 3 dollars.

3.    Writerbay

Writerbay is among the top 10 best academic writing sites in Kenya. To successfully create an account with the site, you need to write a sample essay that averages 275 to 350 words.

You are also required to take a quiz as a way to evaluate your suitability for the position. The site also pays up to 20 dollars per page making it competitive among its peers.

4.    Academia-Research

The site positions itself as an academic writing and consulting company. To register with Academia-Research, you need to create an account by taking an English proficiency test. You are also required to submit an essay as part of the evaluation.

In case you fail the registration test, you have the option of trying again after 3 months. The site pays differently depending on the work level. As an example, high school tasks will pay less than master’s jobs. On average you earn between 3 -20 dollars per page depending on the level.

5.    Essaywriters

Essaywriters pay up to 30 dollars per page making it among the best-paying academic writing sites in Kenya.

To join the site, you should complete the registration process through the sign-up portal. Some of the key requirements for this process include email, phone number, and Facebook page.

You will also be required to pass an English test and complete an assignment provided. If successful, you will receive confirmation and activation to start bidding for jobs.

The site also pays rewards if you provide quality work

6.    Upwork

Upwork is among the biggest freelancing sites in the world. It offers various jobs including academic writing ones.

To join Upwork, you need to create an account on the platform. Below is a detailed process of how to create an account on Upwork.

As the biggest platform, Upwork offers a variety of jobs that you get through bidding.

7.    Prowriterstime

To join the platform, you need to pass the grammar and formatting styles test. You should also write a 100-word essay and complete 1 sample paper of up to 500 words. Below is the sign-up portal to become a freelancer on prowriterstime.

Other requirements to join the platform include having at least a bachelor’s degree.  The registration process takes 4-6 days to complete.

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8.    Essayshark

Essayshark specializes in writing essays. The platform accepts writers from across the world. To become a freelancer with essayshark, you need to do the registration and pass a grammar test.

The registration process takes an average of 2-5 days for the review to happen. If successful, your account is activated and makes you are ready to start taking jobs.

9.    AsiaWriters

Asiawriters is among the top 10 best academic writing sites in Kenya. To join the site, you need to fill in the application form, pass the online test and submit a sample essay.

Here is the signup portal to join the site.

10.  Falconwriters

Falconwriters is a freelancing site that offers various jobs such as academic writing and article writing jobs. For academic writing, the site pays an average of 6 dollars per page.

To register with the site, you need to sign up and undertake their course successfully.

Below is a recap of the Top 10 best academic writing sites in Kenya.

  1. Uvocorp
  2. Writerslabs
  3. Writerbay
  4. Academia-Research
  5. Essaywriters
  6. Upwork
  7. Prowriterstime
  8. Essayshark
  9. AsiaWriters
  10. Falconwriters


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