The Kenyan government has changed the model university funding in Kenya starting in 2023. This is different from the previous model that funded all public university students equally. In the new university funding model in Kenya, the amount of funding will depend on the course.  

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Different courses will attract different fees for funding based on the differential Unit Cost (DUC).

University Funding Criteria

The new funding levels will be based on several parameters that form the funding criteria. These include;

  • Degree Programme

As mentioned, degree programs will attract different funding levels depending on the need. More engaging courses that require facilities such as practicals will cost more as opposed to those that are theoretical.

  • Household income

To promote equity, household income will be a key factor to consider in the new funding model. As a key example, those with a higher household income will get more loans and fewer scholarships. However, those from less privileged households will receive more scholarships and fewer loans.

  • Affirmative action

This is based on government initiatives to promote some areas or regions based on various things such as gender and marginalization.

New funding amount

The government has highlighted how the funding will be done based on the results of the above review.

After categorizing the students, those that are less needy will receive funding in the form of 53% scholarship, 40% loans, and then pay the rest 7%. The amount to pay will depend on the program cost.

However, for those that are vulnerable, they will receive 100% government funding without having to contribute anything.

University Fund in Kenya

This is the new body mandated to provide undergraduate scholarships to government-sponsored students.

The amount of scholarship will depend on the review model.

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)

HELB is mandated to provide loans for both private and public university students. They will work closely with Universities fund to ensure this process is a success.

How to apply for the new university funding

The government through the Ministry of Education has unveiled a portal that university students can use to apply for funding.

To apply you need to log in on the Higher Education Fund portal and create an account. After the application, you will have to wait for review. This is what will guide you on whether you qualify for funding and if so by how much.

Requirements to apply for university funding in Kenya

There are several requirements you require to apply for university funding. These include the below;

  1. A valid email address
  2. Valid telephone number (must be registered in your name to apply for a loan)
  3. KCPE and KCSE index numbers and year of examination
  4. Passport size photo
  5. Copy of your National ID (for loan application)
  6. College/University admission letter
  7. Your parents’ registered telephone number
  8. Your parents’ national ID number
  9. Death certificate if any of your parents is deceased.
  10. Birth certificate of the applicant.
  11. Two guarantors’ (Can be your parents) ID numbers and registered telephone numbers (for loan application)
  12. A copy of the sponsorship letter if you were sponsored in Secondary school.


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