Affordable housing construction is ongoing with the government launching many projects across the country. These projects are meant to allow Kenyans access to affordable housing in major urban centers. Here is a breakdown of affordable housing projects in Kenya.

Who qualifies for affordable housing in Kenya?

Every Kenyan is eligible to qualify for affordable housing as long as they meet the set criteria. The affordable housing program is divided into various categories depending on income. These include;

  1. Social housing- This is a category for those earning up to 19,999 shillings per month
  2. Low-cost housing -This category fits those earning up to 49,999 shillings per month
  3. Mortgage housing – This caters to Kenyans earning above 50,000 shillings per month.

To qualify for affordable housing, you need to;

  • Be a Kenyan citizen
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Have a valid Kenyan Identity Card (ID)

How to apply for affordable housing in Kenya

To apply for affordable housing, you need to register with the BOMA YANGU platform. This is the platform that lists all the affordable housing projects in the country.

Here is how to register for Boma Yangu

Step 1: Visit the boma yangu portal

Step 2: Go to sign up and provide your details. This includes information such as phone number, Id number, and email address.

Step 3: Complete registration and start making contributions.

Once you complete registration, you become eligible to get a house. To do this, you need to review the ongoing projects and select a house that suits your requirements.

Affordable housing allocation

House allocation is based on various elements such as having saved at least 10% of the total house cost. If the house costs 1 million shillings, you should have saved at least 100,000 shillings to get it.

Getting a house is also not guaranteed and is based on an auction process. This is because house applicants could be more than the available houses.

However, if you miss to get one, you are given priority in the next project. After allocation, you get a letter of offer stating the payment terms of the balance. Upon payment, you then receive a deed to occupy the house.

Affordable housing projects in Kenya

Various affordable housing projects in Kenya are currently under construction and others completed. These projects are in various locations and are offering different house sizes and prices. Some of the top projects include;

1.  Pangani Affordable Housing Project

Pangani affordable housing project is currently under construction and housing available for booking. The project is located behind the Pangani police station and is close to the Thika superhighway.

The project’s target is to have over 1500 complete units. It will also have commercial spaces to serve the residents.

Pangani house types

Below is a breakdown of the various type of houses available for this project.

House TypeCost (KES)Size (SQ M)Units
1 Bedroom1 Million250
2 Bedroom2.5 Million450
3 Bedroom3 Million600
Duplex9 Million90610

Project Amenities

  1. A borehole
  2. Ample parking
  3. Common area generator in case of blackouts
  4. Street lighting
  5. Internal Cabro paved roads
  6. Basement, ground, and first floor commercial spaces
  7. A nursery school, Dispensary, and Pharmacy
  8. A manned gate with CCTV cameras and 24/7 on-ground security.
  9. Kids playground
  10. Beautiful landscaping & green spaces
  11. Well-designed stone perimeter wall

2.  Starehe Affordable Housing Project

This project is located in Starehe, Nairobi county along the General Waruinge Road. The project is close to various amenities such as Nairobi CBD, Pangani Girls, and Eastleigh business district.

The projects target to offer types of houses including 1,2- and 3-bedroom units. Below is a breakdown of some of the available units.

House TypeCost (KES)Size (SQ M)Units
1 Bedroom Type 11.65 Million3024
1 Bedroom Type 21.98 Million3648
2 Bedroom Type 12.2 Million40144
2 Bedroom Type 23.465 Million63288
3 Bedroom Type 13.3 Million60120
3 Bedroom Type 24.125 Million75240

Project amenities

  1. Food courts
  2. Outdoor communal recreational facilities
  3. Early Childhood Development (ECD) Center
  4. Community Center
  5. Sports facilities
  6. Greenery
  7. A gym
  8. A swimming pool
  9. Children’s playgrounds

3.  Kings Boma Estate project

This project is located In Ruiru Town Kiambu County. Construction is underway and house booking is ongoing. Kings Boma estate targets to offer different types of houses such as studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms.

House TypeCost (KES)Size (SQ M)Units
Studio1.25 Million2540
1 Bedroom1.5 Million3030
2 Bedroom Small1.98 Million3648
2 Bedroom Standard2.2 Million40144
2 Bedroom Large3.465 Million63288
3 Bedroom4.505 Million8580

Some of the available amenities include;

  1. CCTV at entry and exit point
  2. Provision for TV points
  3. WIFI provisions
  4. Controlled Access and well-planned security checkpoints
  5. Solar street lighting and solar lights in all common areas
  6. Outdoor Kids Play Area The Fun Estate, The Green Estate
  7. Community Hall for the Society use.
  8. Cabro paved driveways
  9. One parking per apartment (at an additional cost of Kes 200,000)
  10. Anti-termite foundation
  11. Borehole
  12. Secured boundary wall

4.  Moke Gardens Affordable Housing Development

This project is situated in Athi River and is targeting to build 4000 units in a 40-acre plot of land. The houses will include Studio apartments, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units.

Below is a breakdown of the housing units and market prices.

House TypeCost (KES)Size (SQ M)Units
Studio1.5 Million240
1 Bedroom2.75 Million44207
2 Bedroom4.4 Million70520
3 Bedroom 5.705 Million102400

Project amenities

  1. Gym
  2. Clubhouse for parties and in-door games
  3. Swimming pool
  4. Cycling track
  5. Jogging track
  6. Provision for internet
  7. Security-CCTV
  8. Landscaped gardens
  9. Medical Centre
  10. Daycare Centre
  11. Primary school
  12. Playing area
  13. Shopping Centre
  14. Grid and solar power
  15. Fresh water from two boreholes and mains

5.  Kings Sapphire

Kings Sapphire’s affordable housing project is located in Bondeni, Nakuru. It aims to construct 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom houses. Below is the house breakdown and specifications.

House TypeCost (KES)Size (SQ M)Units
1 Bedroom1.55 Million3345
2 Bedroom3.25 Million64.3380
3 Bedroom 4.3 Million85.2380

Project amenities

  1. Street lighting
  2. Shops
  3. Restaurant
  4. Clinic
  5. Community Hall
  6. Cabro paved driveways
  7. Back-up Generator
  8. Borehole
  9. Secured boundary wall
  10. Outdoor Kid’s Play area
  11. Green spaces & Attractive Landscaping


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