Competition in the telecommunications sector in the country is heating up as players fight to increase their market share. However, there are also specific areas of cooperation where they depend on each other such as buying airtime from M-pesa.  Below is a breakdown of how to buy airtel airtime from M-PESA.

How to Fuliza M-PESA

Just like any other business, Safaricom allows buying of airtime directly from M-pesa to an airtel line. The process is seamless and happens in real-time. A strange concept considering these two are always fighting on many fronts.

Below is the process of how to buy airtel airtime from M-PESA

Step 1: Go to your M-pesa menu either on the app or sim toolkit. Select Lipa na M-pesa then choose paybill

Step 2: Put in the paybill number as 220220 and the account number as your airtel phone number. However, use the initials AIRT before the phone number.Hence, it should read as AIRT07********

Step 3: Enter the amount of airtime you want to purchase

Step 4: Put in your M-pesa PIN and complete the payment.

After the 4th and final step, you will receive the airtime on your airtel line. It is also good to note normal M-pesa transactional charges for such payments apply.

The process is real-time as long as you have adequate funds on your M-pesa wallet.  I trust you now you know the process.


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