If you are thinking about how to make 2000 shillings per day in Kenya, this article is for you. There are many income-earning ideas that you can do to make this amount. You only have to choose one that suits you best. Let us look at the 15 ways to make 2000 shillings daily in Kenya.

Any idea to make money must be focused on filling a need in the market. Hence, you have to ensure what you are doing has relevance either at the current market status or in the future.

Some of the other key factors to consider include skills and capital. Some money-making ideas require you to have a specific set of skills. This will require you to learn them if not in possession.

On capital, some ideas may need you to make an initial or sustained investment. Hence, the nature of the business will determine the amount of capital required. If you can’t raise the capital, you should get one that doesn’t need as much capital.

Top 15 ways to make 2000 shillings daily in Kenya

Some of these ways are easy to do and it’s something you can start immediately. However, it is key to note that there is no free money, you have to put in time and effort to earn the money.

1.     Online Taxi Business

The online cab business is among the surest ways to make 2000 shillings daily in Kenya. It involves offering taxi services through the existing service providers. some of these include Uber, Little Cab, and Bolt.

The average income per day in this business is 2000-3000 daily. However, you need to spend capital on getting a car. Cars average 500,000 shillings for the older ones and 1 million for newer ones. In this business, the more hours you put in, the higher the income.

Learn more on how to become a bold driver in Kenya.

2.     Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of marketing that involves selling online through various social media channels. Affiliate marketing works better for those people with a big social media network.

Normally, you register with a marketer to get a link for affiliate marketing. You are then supposed to push the product or service to your followers. For any successful purchase, you get a commission. Hence, the more you sell, the more you make.

The commission could either be a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount, the trick to succeeding in affiliate marketing is joining marketers with a good market reputation as it is easier to market them.

To learn more about the top affiliate marketing programs, you can check out this list of top 10 affiliate marketing programs in Kenya. These programs can make you at least 2,000 shillings per day as long as you work hard to attract more customers

3.     Academic writing

Academic writing is common in the country with thousands of Kenyans doing it to earn a living. It involves taking and doing academic work for clients. This could be in the form of projects or exams.

Payments are done after successful completion. Academic writing pays per successful page or number of words. On average, 1 page of work pays 1,000 shillings. Hence, you are required to do at least 2 pages daily to make 2,000 shillings.

For a serious person, this is easy to make and even more. To become a successful academic writer, you should ensure to do quality work within the set timelines. This will in return result in getting more work regularly. Here is a list of the top 10 academic writing sites in Kenya.

4.     Bodaboda Business

Bodaboda will make you 2,000 shillings if you are operating in a busy location. These are along major towns and streets.

With an average trip charging 100 shillings, you need at least 20 trips to make this amount. However, you can also target food deliveries by joining some of the existing food delivery apps in the country.

Some of these include Bolt Food, Glovo, and uber eats. To do this business, you require a motorbike and the relevant driving license class. A new motorbike will cost you between 100K and 150K. A Fair capital if it is to make you 2000 shillings per day.

5.     Transcribing

Transcription involves translating content from audio to written. It requires you to have good listening skills and as well be fast in typing to succeed in this industry.

You get a transcribing job through one of the transcribing sites. You can get one from this list of the top 10 transcribing sites in Kenya.

You get paid for a successful and complete transcription job. Hence, you should focus on making practice continuously as it gets better and easier with time.

6.     Airbnb Business

The rise in technology and internet access has made it possible to rent empty rooms and apartments online.

One of the leading businesses in this sector is Airbnb. To join this business, you need first to register with Airbnb.

Once registered, you will be charging your customers daily charges. The amount of charge depends on various items such as the size of the house, its location, and amenities available.

However, in most major towns and tourism sites, the charges average 2000-5000 shillings per night for a single room. Hence, this will easily make you 2000 shillings per day. To make more in this business, consider adding other services such as food availability, Internet access, and good security.

7.     Blogging

Blogging is also a business driven by technology and internet access. To become a blogger, you need to get both a domain name and web hosting services.

As a blogger, you should create content that attracts visitors to your site. If your blog is consistent with content and visitors, it is easier to monetize it. To do this, your content must be high-value and relevant.

Some of the ways to monetize a blog are through affiliate marketing, joining Google AdSense, and direct marketing.

However, you need to know a blog takes time before it can achieve optimal returns. The benefits are when a blog is monetized, you are assured of income continuity passively. Below is a breakdown of how to start and run a blog in Kenya.

8.     Shylocking

Shylocking is a profitable but risky business. This business involves lending money and in return making some interest.

Shylocking needs you to have enough capital to lend. Interest rates for this business averages 10% per month. To make 2000 shillings per day you need at least 60,000 shillings per month.

This is income for lending 600,000 per month. However, due to the risks of defaults, you should have at least 1 million shillings. Only lend to those people you know well or have security to minimize the risks of defaulting.

9.     Online Training

This opportunity taps into the growing demand for knowledge. The online space has made it possible for people to take and offer lessons online at a fee.

You should offer lessons that match your skills. For this business, you get paid either for the course or per lesson. The more the students you get the more the income.

However, you need to spend time on marketing to attract more learners. As an example, you could charge 1000 shillings per 2-hour lesson. This means you only need 2 students to break even and achieve this target.

A key factor to note is that you will only grow your customers if you are offering quality training content.

10.  Phone Repair Business

This is a technical business and requires you to have the basic skills of phones and more so the different types.

Phone repair business is among the 15 ways to make 2000 shillings daily In Kenya. This is because almost every adult Kenyan owns a phone which is likely to break down at some point.

The business should be located in a strategic place for easier access. It costs an average of 500 shillings to repair a phone at a minimum. Hence, you only need 4 customers to hit this target per day.

11.  Baking

Demand for baked products such as bread and cakes is on a constant rise. This creates a big opportunity for bakers to tap in.

Cakes are mostly in demand during occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations. One benefit of baking is you can do it in the comfort of your house as long you have an oven. This helps to reduce fixed costs such as rent and permits.

To start, target to serve your locality and neighbors. If you don’t have baking skills, you can learn either from a baking school or through an experienced baker.

12.  Online surveys

There are online sites that pay you to do surveys. Surveys are important in collecting data to inform both business and social decisions.

To do surveys, you need first to register and get approval. You will then get regular surveys to undertake.

Payment is done for every complete survey and the more you complete the more jobs you get. The income will be during the early days but it grows as you do more surveys and provide reliable information.

Some of the top survey sites that you can join include Pinecone Research and Survey Junkie Panel.

13.  Dairy farming

As a net importer of milk, Kenya still has a lot of opportunities for dairy farmers. Hence, this makes it among the 15 ways to make 2000 shillings per day in Kenya.

Dairy farming involves keeping cattle for milk. The most common type of these cattle includes Friesian, Guernsey, and Ayrshire.

The type of breed to keep depends on the location and weather. Hence, it is important to conduct adequate market research to get the right breed based on your area.

This business will need a big capital investment as the good breed cows could cost over 100, 000 each. You also need to set up cow sheds to house them.

On average, a liter of milk costs 50 shillings in Kenya. To Make 2000 shillings, you are required to produce at least 40 liters of milk daily. However, due to the costs involved, you require 60 liters of milk per day to create a buffer and cater to the feeding costs.

It is possible to achieve this through 2 good breed cows under optimal conditions.

14.  Mobile Money Agency

Kenyans are big users of mobile money creating opportunities for mobile money agents. The role of the agent is to offer financial services on behalf of banks and Telkom.

They are preferred due to their close location to customers. Agents are found in both offices and residential areas.

One of the most common agency services is M-PESA. This is because it is the largest mobile money service not only in Kenya but globally.

With over 20 million users in Kenya, this is a business you can set up in any part of the country. In this business, you get paid commissions for the transactions done. Hence, the more customers you serve, the higher the commissions. Learn more on how to start an M-PESA agency business in Kenya.

15.  Chicken farming

Chicken can be farmed either as a source of eggs or meat. There is insatiable demand for these products locally making it a lucrative niche to tap into.

With an egg averaging 15 shillings each, you need to produce at least 200 eggs per se to achieve the 2000 shillings target.

This is possible with a minimum of 200 chickens. However, to cater for non-laying ones and other emergencies, you will need to have at least 300 chickens. The other 100 will cater to running costs such as feeds.

You will also need to invest in a chicken house and other supporting equipment such as feeding and drinking trays.

Chicken farming requires a high level of care and hygiene to avoid the spread of diseases and maintain consistent egg production.

The main market for eggs includes selling to hotels, institutions, and retails spaces such as shops and supermarkets.

Below is a recap of the top 15 ways to make 2000 shillings per day in Kenya.

  1. Online taxi business
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Academic writing
  4. Bodaboda business
  5. Transcribing
  6. Airbnb Business
  7. Blogging
  8. Shylocking
  9. Online training
  10. Phone repair business
  11. Baking
  12. Online surveys
  13. Dairy farming
  14. Mobile Money Agency
  15. Chicken farming


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